Refund Policy Refund Policy (“the Company”) is focused on providing our clients with a highly professional and effective online advertising service. As an advertising client of, you are bound by the Terms and Conditions as set out in your Application form and sign up process. aims to provide our clients with a tailored online advertising solution whereby your business and services are promoted within our site, in your defined area on the Internet. In the event that your advertisement is not displayed within the site as agreed, you may be entitled to a refund or credit note for time not displayed (pro-rata).

Once your advertising service has been rendered you are not entitled to a refund. In the event that you can demonstrate to the Company that we have reneged on our agreement and have not provided the advertising services as specified, you may be entitled to a refund on the remaining portion of your account.

The team at always strives to provide our clients with outstanding customer service. In the event that you are not satisfied with your advertising profile, or feel that you may have a legitimate claim for a refund or credit note, we encourage you to contact your Account Manager or the Company at the earliest opportunity. We will always strive to rectify the situation in a satisfactory and timely manner.

Clients can make contact with the Company via the following methods:

Email: mortimer [at]