Trip Around the World: Amazing Bridges.

Bridges are considered to be the incredible engineering achievements today. Their extraordinary constructions and design bring them in the focus of attention. The most famous of them have even become a well-known tourist attractions. Due to their unique features they have achieved the vast popularity and millions of foreign people try to visit them during […]

Bus Stops Today: No More Banality!

We all have got tired of the trivial things in our life that make it dull and even more boring. Amazing and not standard ideas help us to make it multicolored and bright. We don’t want the routine and the drab days anymore, we crave for sun and happiness in the eyes. The main goal […]

7 Most Original Art Museums Exterior Designs

Art was always a great source of inspiration and today it is one of the most important functions. Do you like modern art museums? Of course we can find many amazing things there but we’ve decided to go outside and find the most inspirational exterior architectural designs of the world famous art museums. Hope you’ll […]

High in the Sky – Best Airport Control Tower Designs

We were quite surprised when found out that not all airports have control towers. Nevertheless, these great architecture facilities are worth being admired. There are few interesting facts about airport towers – full control tower structures usually have windows that circle the entire top floor, giving all round vision. The windows are usually tiled outwards […]

Forza Italia! Top Ten Italian Car Designs from the 60′s and 70′s

Best Classic cars of the 1960/70 from the Italian car design were prolific and have introduced the concept of Supercar. Pininfarina,Italdesign, Ghia and Zagato, designed the most beautiful cars of the 20th century and these designs bureaus were at the forefront of the concept car movement. There is no doubt that Italian design firms were […]

Cars of the Future – Best Trike Designs

Trike is a three-wheeled vehicle. While tricycles are often associated with the small three-wheeled vehicles used by pre-school age children, they are also used by adults for a variety of purposes. Trikes and Motorcycle popularity and sales have flourished time and again since the first motorcycle was created in the late 1800’s. You may have […]

Car Brands from A to Z

Can you imagine your life without a car? Yeah, I mean it, I can call my car my best friend that’s with me in joy and sorrow. There are lots of car brands but I could never image how many there actually are … so we made this parade of car brands from A to […]