Garden Mazes: Breathtaking Greeny Labyrinths

The history of labyrinths finds its roots in Greek mythology, but mazes remain quite popular today. You can find them in the biggest public parks and even in the private gardens all over the world. These garden mazes as a part of green design turn out to be the amazing parts of landscaping that makes this place ever wonderful and interesting for tourists. These breathtaking man-size hedge mazes that twist, turn, lead you to the dead ends are so luring, that it is impossible to miss them. When you enter such a maze, you never know when it will end and you can spend hours surrounded with high green walls and even get lost. It is a sort of a challenge that helps you to find out whether you are brave. In any case, garden mazes are great fun today and I offer you to see the coolest of them just now.

Chateau de villandry (France)

Chateau de villandry.

Sukaresmi, Indonesia

Sukaresmi, Indonesia.

Temple newsam house (United Kingdom)

Temple newsam house.

Helford passage (United Kingdom)

Helford passage.

Garden Maze (Blenheim)

Garden Maze (Blenheim).

Villa Pisani (Italy)

Villa Pisani.

Glendurgan Garden (Cornwall, England)

Glendurgan Garden.

Labyrinth in Botanic Garden (Brussels)

Labyrinth in Botanic Garden.

Longleat Hedge Maze (UK)

Longleat Hedge Maze.

Reignac-sur-Indre Maze (France)

Reignac-sur-Indre Maze.

Water Garden Labyrinth Getty Museum (Los Angeles)

Water Garden Labyrinth Getty Museum.

VanDusen Botanical Garden Maze (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

VanDusen Botanical Garden Maze.

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