Responsive Web Design Infographic as an Interactive Board Game

Today Infographics is widely used in various web projects as the most effective visual demonstration form which helps to introduce data in the most effective and clear way. The growing popularity of infographics can be explained by the fact that people prefer to receive information in the format of attractive illustrative presentation than in written form. While arranging the main concept of the project, designer has complete freedom to create different captivating elements and various original components to build really impressive infographics. But static version of infographics is left behind and interactive infographics takes its deserved place in web design.

So that’s why we offer you to look at this wonderful example of interactive infographics and take an exciting journey in the world of responsive design. Viewing this infographic, you’ll get to know useful information about responsive web design that helps you to create your own responsive website. Here you’ll find Google recommendations, helpful tutorials, plugins, interesting blog articles, useful tools, free PDF books and responsive website templates. And all this is presented in the interactive way, so you’re receiving information in the fun-filled game form where you can choose your steps and their sequence. So start this interactive trip to discover more about Responsive Web Design!

(Here is a static and contracted version of Responsive Web Design Interactive Guide, the link of the full version is at the bottom.)

Follow this link and view the full version of this Responsive Web Design Interactive Guide.

If you like this infographic, you can share it with your friends across social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon)! You can copy the code of a .jpg version from the page with the full version of this infographic and integrate it into your own page.

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