Shadow Art – The Reality That We Imagine

We see what we want to see. We perceive the world around us in our own way and sometimes it is far from reality. We have got used to rely on our feelings and emotions when we see or judge something and sometimes this leads to the misinterpretation of the things around us, because feelings and emotions can’t be objective. For example, let’s look at the shadow art. Each sculpture is a masterpiece that leaves amazing shadows on the walls and each of us can find something new in these shadows, while this sculpture is nothing more than pieces of materials joined together to make the breathtaking chaos. As usual, the artists of this trend use ordinary stuff or even just rubbish to create the shadow art sculptures and the projector helps the viewers to turn on their imagination and see the cool shadows on the wall. Let’s enjoy of the most interesting shadow artworks that are collected in this post now!

Shine by Fred Eerdekens

Shine by Fred Eerdekens.

Blind Spot by Fred Eerdekens

Blind Spot by Fred Eerdekens.

British Wildlife by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

British Wildlife by Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

Clouds by Kumi Yamashito

Clouds by Kumi Yamashito.

Holy Spirit Come Home by Fred Eerdekens

Holy Spirit Come Home by Fred Eerdekens.

Dark Stuff by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Dark Stuff by Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

The question you never asked yourself by Fred Eerdekens

The question you never asked yourself.

Dirty White Trash by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Dirty White Trash by Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

Question Mark by Kumi Yamashita

Question Mark by Kumi Yamashita.

Neo Deo by Fred Eerdekens

Neo Deo by Fred Eerdekens.

0 to 9 by Kumi Yamashita

0 To 9 by Kumi Yamashita.

Real Life Is Rubbish by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Real Life Is Rubbish by Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

CITY VIEW by Kumi Yamashita

CITY VIEW by Kumi Yamashita.


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  • Sewicked
    September 21, 2011

    Just wow.

  • Dave Zeiger
    December 15, 2011

    What a great metaphor for understanding! Utter chaos, unless looked at from just the right perspective. And then, we’re none too sure what we’ve got. That shadow of a woman is neither a Woman, nor the shadow of one.

    It’s in fact amazing that the universe may be simpler than these images… a series of points of view (scientific theories) yield meaningful (at least useful) insights, without even the possibility of being the one and only solution, correct and true. I’d doubt very much that a series of light positions would yield a series of ever more coherent shadows.

    Perhaps these arrangements have other, undiscovered projections, which, while more coherent than their chaotic siblings, have no more universal claim on Truth than these select shadows.

    I’d love to see an animation of a moving light source, homing in on its intended position.

  • Bar-el Jenny
    February 1, 2012

    Very interesting. The waste and the shadow.

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