The Top Snippet Websites for Web Developers.

Where Do You Go to Get Your Code? The Top 5 Snippet Websites for Web Developers

DesignFloat proudly presents the top 5 websites that will help you with valuable code snippets for web development.

Making Responsive Web Design Work For You

If your commercial and business-generating website is any more complex than a few static HTML pages, eventually you will face this question: “What about mobile app access?” Should you create apps for mobile platforms, or should your website be browser-access only? The answer may be a surprising one. If you are a cloud service provider, […]

Fresh and Steady: 10 SASS Tutorials for 2013

The article represents 10 fresh SASS tutorials published in 2013.

We Struggle for CSS and IE Harmony: Tool, Guides, Hacks

The article collects the best materials about CSS and IE correlation.

CSS Media Type and Media Queries Tutorials

The digest of media types and media queries tutorials.

A Roundup of the Best HTML5 / CSS3 Tutorials for 2013

The round-up of the best HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorial for 2013.

10 Snippets HTML5 Boilerplate Should Be Used With

The article represent a list of 10 great snipper for using HTML5 Boilerplate.

Hover Effect in Modern Web Design: Definition and Usability Tips

The article includes common recommendations for building hover effects in web design.

10 CSS3 Pseudo-Classes Tutorials to Level-Up Your Web Pages

The article represents a list of the 10 best CSS3 pseudo-class tutorials.

Efficient CSS Typography Tools for Advanced Design

The article provides with the list of efficient CSS typography tools.

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