Top 11 Web Development Vogues of 2012

We can suggest that 2012 is going to be a mixed year for wed development and web designing. The bad part of it is that this sector is constantly facing steep competition from numerous agents. Some of the prominent ones are the native apps that will continue to be greater threats for certain aspects of the open web. Next is the popularity of mobile net that will continue to cast greater clutch on the market share of desktop. Last is the much debatable pay wall structure, which is becoming a constant obstacle in the path of easy to access information. But the good part of it is that the master minds are putting in painstaking efforts to get through it and will certainly come up with newer and more effective ideas of web development in 2012. A few predications on web development that are supposed to be in vogue in 2012 are featured here.

1. Need for progressive enhancement

The growing popularity of pocket internet option on mobile and the rising importance of the WebKit enabled smartphones is a menace for the traditional web browsing experience on desktop. So, the best alternative to counter this competition is to opt for progressive enhancements, CSS3, HTML 5 and similar tenets.

2. Enhanced response in the interface design

Users find it most convenient when the apps response instantly with the click of a button. Therefore, the average user’s demands will be taken into account while creating the interface design. Speculations are that applications like JavaScript libraries such as JQuery and MooTools will be incorporated while designing the interface. These will make animations faster and easier and give users comfort while interacting over the web.

3. Flash will continue to exist

Although there were much assumptions and presumptions about the existence of Flash based sites in 2012, the remarks of some of the prominent web designers clear this conception. So, now we are certain that Flash and Flash based sites will remain in 2012. While some sites will definitely makes a shift to HTML5 and CSS3, Flash will remain the loved tool of the entertainment sites.

4. Extra browser-native features

The native supports will be a bonus over the Flash applications in 2012. The pressure on the native browser system will spur in order to support various HTML5 applications and plug-in features, such as adaptive streaming of multimedia, camera and mobile accessibility with HTML5 getUserMedia, etc.

5. Additional mobile theme applications

The masterminds of web development and designing could not overlook the immense popularity of the touch screen applications of the mobiles and the convenience they offer in web experience. This has increased the number of net users on phone. So, in 2012 attempt will be made to enhance web experience by incorporating mobile theme. While the main layout will comprise of all the dynamic contents, a slimmer version will also be simultaneously provided for the mobile users, which will be highly interactive.

6. Free to download freebies

This will come as a great attraction for the net users in 2012. More and more communities will be introduced that offer loads of free to download wed interfaces, banners, logos, games, layouts and multitude of PSD/AI files in a much easier and faster manner.

7. Enhanced quality and performance of browser

It has been remarked that 2012 will see the greater number of sites that work directly with various files and other aspects of operating system. The resultant will be that the web experience will be faster and better in performance. Some of the masterminds of codes and cookies also state that 2012 will see hybrid design; a wise amalgamation of touch and swipe and point and click. This will certainly be a boon for the consumers.

8. Fragmentation in web apps

Instead of collaborated apps, the speculations are that there will be a severe fragmentation of the same, as many as ten too in certain cases. One group of native apps or proprietary system will be replaced by another instead of working as a collaborated structure. This is definitely going to be a pain for the developers and lack of interoperability may disturb the consumers as well.

9. Web experience on internet will increase

Mobile traffic and usage will grow even bigger in 2012. Ryan Carson, the founder of Treehouse further opines that the MVC frameworks in mobiles, such as 37 signal system will increase even more. So, the masterminds comment that the average mobile browsing experience will increase by about 10% in 2012.

10. Explosion of devices will be pertinent

The opinion of the Designs Principle, Aaron Gustafson is that developers and designers will be required to be more concentrated in the smaller tablet form factors. Since smaller and cheaper tablet devices flood the market, 2012 will see a boon in it. Therefore, developers need to work on it seriously.

11. Social network battle will be enhanced

Since the prominent social networking sites are already in rage with each other, 2012 will witness its enhanced look. Facebook will retain its entity though; the debutants like Tumblr, Instagram, Path, Spotify will join the warfare. Assumptions are that heavy weight sites like Twiter and Facebook will get challenges from sharing networks. So, they are required to integrate more tools for creating sites rather than staying limited to creating pages only, if consumer loyalty is required to be enjoyed.


Based on the speculations and predictions of the web development masterminds, we can conclude that the consumers are going to have a fairly better time with web in 2012. But, we cannot deny that developers are going to have a difficult time to satisfy the customers.

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    May 9, 2012

    Flash will be there to stay; I have to agree with that. With the emergence of HTML5, there have been some people who have tried moving on from Flash to HTML5. Yes, there is a difference, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to completely ignore the power of Flash.

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