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Make your first $500 in 10 weeks only!

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ShareYou are the person who has plenty of various hobbies. You want to become rich and successful. You are a great and ambitious personality. We are looking for you! TemplateMonster team created a unique Private Marathon for people who want … Continue reading

5 Awesome Joomla! Extensions You Should Know About

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ShareJoomla! is one of the most popular content management systems used both by novices and professionals. Being easy to setup and configure Joomla! offers an abundance of opportunities with its numerous extensions. Here’s the list of 5 extensions that may … Continue reading

How to Get Safe Images for Your Web Design

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ShareA website, whether it’s business or personal, is a way to tell the world who you are. From bloggers to small businesses to big corporations use websites as an online introduction of themselves, their services and products to potential followers … Continue reading

Get the Word out Visually with Infographics

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ShareA picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. Many in business, publishing and social media would agree that there’s validity to the idiom. Newspaper people, for example, know that graphic elements added to stories and advertisements increase interest. … Continue reading

Get a Real WordPress Media Library

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ShareThe WordPress media library We all know the old adage – a picture says a thousand words. And if you do the math, it’s easy to figure out that videos are worth that much more! Media has revolutionized the web … Continue reading

Best Resources For Diving Into Digital Art & Design Work

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ShareThere’s no better time to start learning digital design than right now. It’s easier than ever to sell website templates, design premium iconsets, or teach digital painting on sites like Gumroad. And if you don’t have the necessary skills for … Continue reading

14 Common Link Building Faults to Avoid

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Share Backlinks are considered one of the most highly rated aspect of Google’s algorithm to calculate page rankings for a user’s search query. This has placed enormous stress on SEO services to provide webpages services to increase their rankings. They … Continue reading

Comparison Review of 9 Plumbing Website Templates

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ShareWhen it comes to plumbing repairs, you can’t do without experienced professionals. How to find such skilled masters in a quick way? The answer is: “On the Internet”. Really, each serious plumbing agency needs and has its own website. If … Continue reading

7 Blog Promotion Tips that Every Blogger Needs to Follow

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SharePromoting the blog across digital windows is as challenging as it gets. Amateur bloggers mistakenly believe it’d be easy. The Internet is littered with blogs. Why should someone come to your blog instead of another’s? Remember, creating a website and … Continue reading

Becoming a Programmer: Useful Tips

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Share Dreaming to become a programmer? Great idea! Today, programmers are among the most demanded and best-paid professionals in the world. What’s more, you can quickly build up a career and there’s always room for improvement. These rather obvious benefits … Continue reading