google analytics

Google Analytics 4.0: What Changes with This New Version?

The world of digital marketing is increasingly competitive. Why? Well, because it’s easy to start a website or launch an app. And nowadays, you can even create an e-commerce store in just a few minutes. As more businesses compete for the same audience, they’re forced to innovate and differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering […]

schedule html template

Schedule HTML Template – Create Best Calendar Website

In most cases, when people are looking for an HTML schedule template, they can get more than just the ability to mark the dates of concerts, important meetings, and activities. Any site needs a beautiful design for all sections, convenient navigation, a clear information search, a drop-down menu, and much more. Therefore, web developers comprehensively […]


15 Free WordPress Themes for Your Inspiration

The mixture of style and usability – this is what you get when you choose professional WordPress themes. They become handy when you are going to create the effective and cosy blog that will be interesting for its visitors. Modern and flexible Free WordPress Themes are always in a great demand and this is the […]

WordPress Responsive Plugins to Improve Your Website.

WordPress Responsive Plugins to Improve Your Website

The galloping invasion of mobile technologies rapidly spreads all over the planet dictating new standards. Responsive web design has become one of the hottest trends, and it is obvious that all major companies are trying to keep up with it. WordPress users have wide choice of various tools that would help them in making their […]


15 Joomla Themes That Will Show the True Web Design Professionalism

The digest of the top 15 Joomla templates.

HTML for Copywriters.

HTML for Copywriters

Modern copywriters all their lives spend in Internet, and their activities oblige them to know HTML, that’s why into this blog post we’ve included most essential tags to use in blog posts or anywhere else.

Fresh Free Textures.

Fresh Free Textures. The Latest Edition

Try Fresh Free Textures – the high quality packs of various textures including grunge, floral, food, rock and much more!

web design basics

6 Web Design Basics Every Beginner Should Know

Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash Web design has come a long way over the last decade, especially when it comes to creating websites that are easy on the eyes and offer rich functionality for customers. If you’re interested in designing websites or have just gotten started on your new career path as a web […]

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The Top 5 Web Designing Courses For 2022

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash The world of web design changes constantly and can feel overwhelming to those who are trying to get started in the field or even keep up with the changes. Web design courses, however, can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments so you never feel left […]

Website Navigation Tips and Best Practices.

Website Navigation Tips and Best Practices

Website navigation is a mighty tool that helps your website to complete a number of improtant tasks. First of all it provides aesthetic qualities of the UI and creates pre-conditions for positive or negative UX of your website. Secondly well-thought website navigation is a hidden marketing trick that influences a lot on conversion rates. Perfect […]

Negative Space Logos.

Negative Space Logos. Drawing Less – Telling More…

The article showcases first-rate logos based on solid single color background. Their designs involve negative space to convey more complicated ideas using common set of tools and a bit of imagination. In short, it’s a showcase of awesome negative space logos.