98 WordPress Plugins Used by Top Blogs.

98 WordPress Plugins Used by Top Blogs

When you install WordPress for the first time, the main questions you ask yourself are ‘What plugins to choose?’ and ‘Should I install each and every featured plugin from WordPress.org?’. The answer to the second question is ‘No’: too many installed plugins can (and will) slow down your website, so choose them wisely. The first […]

Learning Bootstrap: 6 Cheatsheets to Start with.

Learning Bootstrap: 6 Cheatsheets to Start with

The article provides with the list of 6 Bootstrap Cheatsheets.

Complete Guide to Responsive Web Design.

Complete Guide to Responsive Web Design (RWD)

From this article you will get to know more about main aspects of responsive web design: what it is, how it works, it’s pleasures and drawbacks as well as the hottest design trends for 2013.

Free Website Template for Horse Club with jQuery Slider and Zoomer Effect.

Free Website Template for Horse Club with jQuery Slider and Zoomer Effect

Get free theme that is perfectly tailored for your equestrian hobby and can serve as a profound background for online project for horse club!

500+ Free WordPress Themes.

500+ Free WordPress Themes for 2022

Hey guys, today we are glad to present you the list of top-notch free WordPress themes for 2022. It seems to us that we should share the useful content with our regular readers and site visitors and this time we have compiled the collection of premium themes for all those who are searching for high […]

Free Accordion Scripts.

Free Accordion Scripts

Most websites use accordions, but sometimes it is really hard to find Free Accordion Scripts for your designs. That’s why we have compiled this post with useful free accordion scripts that can be easily incorporated into your future designs. This informative post will provide you with the examples of scripts that can be downloaded for […]

web design agency

Why Should You Hire A Renowned Web Design Agency

to take professional help from a web design agency. In the digital era, to establish your business & create an online presence you need to build a customized website that will help you to reach the target audience and thereby increase your overall sales.


Learn More about Joomla. Roundup from DesignFloat

We all know Joomla as one of the most advanced software that turns out to be the ideal starting point for your website. You can easily learn the basic things about this CMS and the creation of a Joomla-powered site will take you just a few minutes. Even little programming skills are not a problem […]

jQuery Floating Menu

jQuery Floating Menu Plugins – Keep Your Menu at Hand

The entry contains a set of free jQuery floating menu plugins, enabling developers to create sticky menus, especially helpful on long, content rich web pages, where scrolling up takes additional time.

jQuery Accordion Tutorials.

10 jQuery Accordion Tutorials

You all know that it is really a complicated task to organize the content in the eye-catching way when you build a website. The layout of your website should be pleasant to eyes and not overloaded with extra information for your visitors to accept. Accordions can be of a great use when you want to […]