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Developers from all over the world contribute by grains to the endless process of web enhancement. Due to their efforts, our everyday visits to the net are so comfortable, pleasant, and resultant. No one can deny the fact that open source stuff is really helpful when it comes to perfection, as the whole community can […]

Free Tattoo Fonts and Hand Lettering

The article contains a digest of the 25 best free tattoo fonts from all over the web.

Fonts Which Your Logo is Waiting for

The article represents the best fonts for logo design.

Typewriter-like Fonts Which Every Hipster Will Be Fond of

The article represents the digest of the best type-write-like fonts.

30 Free Thin Glorious Fonts for Your Minimalistic Headings

The entry contains 30 elegant free thin fonts you can use for your minimalistic designs to preserve the lightness and legibility of their headings.

How to Pick the Right Fonts for Your Website & Why It Matters

The author presents the results of psychological experiment that was done by two researchers from the University of Michigan – Hyunjin Song and Norbet Schwartz in two separate studies. Song and Schwartz were able to discover a connection between fonts and how they affected human perception. Read this blog post and get to know how to boost your online sales with the help of proper font usage.