Free Joomla Restaurant Templates.

Free Joomla Restaurant Templates

Friday is the righ time to showcase some useful goodies that you can use for your design needs. This time you are welcome to browse the collection of Free Joomla Restaurant Templates for your online business that deals with restaurants, cafes and food. Fresh and attractive layout along with the professional execution of the presented […]

Free Joomla Car Templates.

Free Joomla Car Templates

Find the theme you need among Free Joomla Car Templates – the profound background for your project!

Text Editors for Joomla

Top 4 Text Editors for Joomla

Supercharge your Joomla website with one of the top 5 text editors. The content edition is a central part of a website, the most popular CMS, WordPress, focuses on editor enhancement in each new version. Joomla has taken another direction, giving free space to extension developers for an editor creation. And this is what happened, […]

Drupal and Joomla: Is there No Clear Winner.

Drupal and Joomla: Is there No Clear Winner?

Joomla versus Drupal debate continues to dominate the open source CMS community however there isn’t any clear winner. While Joomla dominates when it comes to user-friendliness, third-party plugin support and back end administration Drupal is far ahead in terms of security, themes, multi-user support and building large websites.


5 Awesome Joomla! Extensions You Should Know About

Joomla! is one of the most popular content management systems used both by novices and professionals. Being easy to setup and configure Joomla! offers an abundance of opportunities with its numerous extensions. Here’s the list of 5 extensions that may be just the ones you were looking for: 1. Joomla Quiz Deluxe Joomla Quiz Deluxe […]


10 Premium Medical Themes: WordPress vs Joomla

When we’re looking for an appropriate template to create a medical website, one might think of different qualities it should have, but the key ones remain the same. The given top 10 medical templates have all the necessary features and qualities of a successful template and will be able to increase the amount of your […]

Free Joomla Agriculture Template

Put Your Business on the Top with Free Joomla Theme

Put your business on the top with Free Joomla Theme for agriculture project!

Free Joomla Car Template

Rowing Into the Web: Free Joomla Car Template

Premium quality Free Joomla Car Template to start car business online easily.

SEO website builders

Best SEO Website Builders for Best Search Engine Results

If you’re looking for an SEO website builder that is easy to use and will help you achieve the best ranking results, there is a lot to consider.

Free Joomla Travel Templates

Try Free Joomla Travel Templates that are perfectly designed to give your online travel agency, hotel portal or personal holiday trip diary blog the effective and adventurous look!