Essential Elements of Exhibition Design.

7 Essential Elements of Exhibition Design

If you are going to present your company, its products and services at the international or local exhibition, read these 7 rules. Believe us, they are essential for your success.

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Medical Colors – Why Color Matters in Healthcare Design

Usually, the aesthetics and medical colors are overly practical and focus more on being hygienic and harmless, than on the need to create a healing and eye-pleasing environment. Somehow too often we forget about color and its power, especially when it comes to the healthcare industry. People visit hospitals and medical centers when they are sick, traumatized, and anxious.  That`s why in this article we will reveal some insights on colors for medical websites and interior design. “Variety of form and brilliancy of color are actual means of recovery “ Florence Nightingale How to Create a Pleasing Medical Environment with Colors We all know that our perception of a place changes when we change colors. Hue can make us feel a space larger, cleaner, warmer, and more pleasant. Increasingly, hospital and healthcare leaders are recognizing the color and its uses for soothing, healing, and, in general, providing patients, staff, and visitors with a more pleasant experience in healthcare settings. When designing healthcare facilities, designers should take into account the difference between the departments of clinics and hospitals. This includes medical “work” areas used for diagnosis and treatment, recovery areas such as wards and recovery areas, and waiting rooms, canteens, and corridors. Corridors, restaurants, and waiting areas are the best places for bold designs and lively patterns, as people won’t stay here for too long. Giving places a clear visual identity helps visitors find their way easier, so vibrant colors and patterns can be really important in orienting people in a hospital. However, overly saturated color, high-contrast patterns, and graphics can be overly exciting and should therefore be used with caution. The addition of biophilic design, natural materials, and natural light to these areas has been shown to have physical and psychological benefits that can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve air quality. In the treatment and diagnostic areas, it is necessary to use soothing colors and their combinations. In this case, muted pastels and neutrals work well. Doctors often use the patient’s skin tone when assessing, so bright colors should be avoided, like the latter, due to the color reflecting on the skin, which can lead to misdiagnosis. The […]

Joomla Interior Template

Perfect Decor for Interior Site – Free Joomla Theme

Joomla Interior Free Theme – a perfect fit for the variety of sites that deal with interior design.

Floating Furniture. Cool Design Illusions

Contemporary designers offer us a great variety of furniture for all tastes. Today we can choose not only the ergonomic models, but also the original solutions for our apartments. Among millions of modern trends Floating Furniture is perhaps one of the most popular. It creates the cool illusion of levitating above the floor, and it […]

Graffiti Furniture. Street Art in Your House

Can you imagine a street art as a part of your interior design? Walls of your bedroom in grunge paintings, graffiti all over the furniture surfaces, crazy installations – all these signs speak for the presence of street art trends in the interior of your apartments. If you haven’t seen such pieces of art before, […]

Creative Industrial Designs. Roundup from DesignFloat

Industrial design is one of the most captivating themes to be discussed in weekly roundup. Among the effective examples of this design you can find a number of eccentric and stylish items that can be used in various spheres of life. In today’s post we have tried to focus your attention on the industrial designs […]

Christmas Decorations with Wonderful Holiday Spirit

Christmas decorations are the first signs of the forthcoming holiday season. The tradition of decorating houses and everything around is quite old, but it is still so popular all over the world. It helps to spread the festive atmosphere throughout your living space and bring plenty of pleasant emotions. Fresh ideas and inspiration are enough […]

Retro Fun: Legendary Googie Style in Interior Design

Let’s pay tribute once again to the awesome googie style that apart from all has been successfully moulded into the interior design to accentuate amazing curves and recreate the hip atmosphere of populuxe aesthetics with a modern edge. We are thrilled to share the collection of googie styled interior pieces. That’s a real retro fever […]

The Dance of Fire – Stunning Contemporary Fireplaces.

The fireplace brings harmony and beauty to your home. It is ideal for creating the romantic and cosy atmosphere for the whole family. Even when you are alone this evening, the wonderful flames will set the relaxing and inspiring mood. This is the place where you can linger with great pleasure and dream. Contemporary fireplaces […]

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