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From Russia with Love – Soviet Ad Posters

Today we have a few unusual posts because you can’t see these posters in real-life – they are all history now. The Soviet Union was and will be a mystery for the rest of the world and even now, after the “iron curtain” has fallen, we still have a chance to find out more new […]

7 Essential Elements of Exhibition Design

If you are going to present your company, its products and services at the international or local exhibition, read these 7 rules. Believe us, they are essential for your success.

Unspoken Benefits of Hiring a Microsoft Certified Partner Company for Your Application Development

The author states 5 indisputable benefits of hiring a Microsoft certified partner company to develop your application.

Steampunk Bird Sculptures by Mullanium

“Songbirds” is the wonderful collection of steampunk bird sculptures created by the Mullanium project. This project was founded by two talented artists Jim Mullan and Tori who combined their passion for art and creative minds into partnership in work and in life. Their output is really fascinating and consists of vintage hardware, bird carvings, watches, […]

Floating Furniture. Cool Design Illusions

Contemporary designers offer us a great variety of furniture for all tastes. Today we can choose not only the ergonomic models, but also the original solutions for our apartments. Among millions of modern trends Floating Furniture is perhaps one of the most popular. It creates the cool illusion of levitating above the floor, and it […]

Top Industrial Design Resources for Your Inspiration

Each designer has a list of several sites that he regularly visits for useful information and inspiration. Whether you are just considering a career of industrial designer, or work in this field, such sites will help you to keep abreast of the latest events in this sphere. Of course, there are too many Industrial Design […]

Creative Industrial Designs. Roundup from DesignFloat

Industrial design is one of the most captivating themes to be discussed in weekly roundup. Among the effective examples of this design you can find a number of eccentric and stylish items that can be used in various spheres of life. In today’s post we have tried to focus your attention on the industrial designs […]

Vintage Laptops – the Forefathers of the iPads

Many years ago there were the days when people dreamed about computers that would be small, light-weight, functional and what’s most important – portable. We’ve tried to collect some most significant laptop models that were released at the dawn of the 80’s and that have symbolized the start of the new era of the computer […]

Barcode Architecture: Amazing Stripy Buildings

It is clearly seen that barcode themes have gained great popularity in the contemporary art and design. We have already presented you the posts dedicated to barcode art: barcode graffiti, street art, bar code artworks from various artists. Today we continue this series and here is the next post that features the barcode theme in […]

Who`s there? – Exquisite Door Handles

It is not a secret that true artist sees the world in an absolutely different way. It is a real gift when you can make ordinary thing look like a real work of art. Our today’s post highlights domestic art or simply put – the door handles – that can be easily called masterpieces. These […]