Designing Emails: Process and Inspiration.

Designing Emails: Process and Inspiration

This article is for those who still think emails are an important marketing channel and also for the unbelievers. If you follow a staged designing process for an email, described here, you would be able to create an efficient email newsletter in no time at all.

google analytics

Google Analytics 4.0: What Changes with This New Version?

The world of digital marketing is increasingly competitive. Why? Well, because it’s easy to start a website or launch an app. And nowadays, you can even create an e-commerce store in just a few minutes. As more businesses compete for the same audience, they’re forced to innovate and differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering […]

The Best Guidelines for Email Design.

The Best Guidelines for Email Design

This article is a useful guide for email design.

marketing managers

Marketing Managers: What Is Needed in This Role?

In the modern age, more businesses than ever before are competing to get themselves noticed, particularly online. In the world of online digital marketing, more is needed to get your company noticed than simply having a pretty website – and so, there has been a rise in companies and businesses hiring marketing managers. A marketing […]

Email Templates. Roundup from DesignFloat

The value of email templates can’t be overestimated for today’s global marketing. The well-done email campaign is one more opportunity to capture and sustain the attention of the clients. This communication tool helps the company to stay interesting for its clients for a long time and stir up this interest. You can choose the powerful […]


10 YouTube Cover Designs

The article presents a digest of the best 10 YouTube channel designs.

Email Page Designing Rules.

Email Page Designing: 15 Rules to Follow

The blog post contains some essential tips on email page design. A helpful list suggests what to include and what to avoid when you plan an email marketing campaign.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog or Website Today.

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog or Website Today

As you probably know, the Web has quite a competitive landscape these days. Every niche has thousands of blogs and websites competing for the same visitors. If you want to get a piece of that pie, you need to constantly improve the quality of your website. Luckily there are many simple strategies you can use […]


7 Blog Promotion Tips that Every Blogger Needs to Follow

Promoting the blog across digital windows is as challenging as it gets. Amateur bloggers mistakenly believe it’d be easy. The Internet is littered with blogs. Why should someone come to your blog instead of another’s? Remember, creating a website and setting up a blog takes only few minutes. The real difficulty starts with promoting it. […]

5 Tips to Design Popups Your Customers Will Love.

5 Tips to Design Popups Your Customers Will Love

Popups are an incredibly effective way to boost conversion and customer retention on your eCommerce website. According to 30% of the Top 1000 US ecommerce sites use popups – 22% are using entry popups, 14% are using exit popups, and 6% are using both! If you aren’t using popups on your ecommerce site, you’re […]