Coolness of Blue in Web Design.

Coolness of Blue in Web Design – Infographic

Learn the facts you’ve never heard before about the power of blue color in web design! Interactive Infographic.

The Showcase of Visually Enticing Infographics.

The Showcase of Visually Enticing Infographics

When a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s totally about an infographic – so popular and effective types of graphic design to compose otherwise boring information into lively, colorful, and even educational structure. As an excellent visual tool, infographic eases the process of communicating conceptual information and allows us to convert data, statistics and […]

Free Infographic Templates

Free Infographic Templates To Enter In-the-Know

The represents a list of free infographic templates.

[Infographic] Best 30 Tips For Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s normal to feel confused when your eCommerce website isn’t producing the revenue you’d hoped for. It’s disheartening to see many people visiting your website, but simply clicking away without purchasing. After all, you have thousands of competitors online and based on recent eCommerce statistics, there are millions of eCommerce sites available to browse. So […]

Ecommerce Trends & Statistics [Infographic]

With each year passing new trends have surfaced that are taking the ecommerce industry by storm. Customer behaviors and preferences have shown that merchants are eager to make changes on their ecommerce websites following the statistics acquired from the latest research. These finding have urged merchants to incorporate new policies and develop strategies to win […]

Detailed Infographic of Web Design Trends 2004-2015

Infographic of web design trends. Detailed description for each period of time through 12 years.

Infographic: Twitter Bootstrap – A Futuristic Framework for the Dictates of the Present

Mark Otto (@mdo) and Jacob Thornton (@fat) released Twitter Bootstrap to the world in August 2011, since then this powerful framework has been creating waves in the web development arena. With provision for a high level of customization and interactivity in websites, this mobile first framework is smooth, intuitive and quick. Owing to its ability […]

Interactive Charts – When Words are Feeble, Use the Power of Images

The blog post will acquaint you with types of interactive charts, tell you about the term in general and spheres of charts application in particular. Moreover, at the end of the blog post you’ll find a list of helpful tools, libraries, galleries and plugins for creation of your own interactive charts.

Color Psychology: Style Your Room, Design Your Mood

The infographic about psychology of colors.

Infographic Videos – the Advanced Method of Data Presentation

The article includes 16 infographic videos related to web design and development. These motion infographics combine all benefits of static and animated ones boosted by impressive effect of video presentation.

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