10 YouTube Cover Designs

The article presents a digest of the best 10 YouTube channel designs.

Marketing Wisdom in 50 Quotes.

Marketing Wisdom in 50 Quotes

Someone defines marketing as art of selling, others suppose it to be the simple professional activity concentrated on the communication of a product and a customer, the third point of view states marketing is a link between consumers’ requirements and their economic potential. As for me, all these definitions do not embrace the whole picture […]

Free Facebook Covers for Timeline’s Renewal.

Free Facebook Covers for Timeline’s Renewal

In this post we are offering you to download 5 free Facebook covers to refresh your Facebook brand page in Timeline.

Make Your Mood with 40 Bright Facebook Layouts

Once upon a time there was a kingdom. The sun was shining all along. And the inhabitants of that kingdom never saw not only snow, but even cold rain. It was a gorgeous country and an ideal place for life and recreation. Excellent climate, azure ocean, and endless beautiful beaches with golden sand! All the […]

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Dynamics CRM 2013

Dynamics CRM also helps in identifying the customer’s buying trends and building rapport with potential customers. For years, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has upgraded to become better and more effective. The most recent release of Dynamics CRM was out in the month of October 2013 which is named as Dynamics CRM 2013.

5 Tips to Google+ Local Optimization

The blog post covers 5 simple, yet essential tips of local Google+ optimization. Follow them and your social media profile will start to work more efficiently for your business and networking needs.

Direct Communication: 60+ Best Web Designers to Follow on Twitter

The article represents the list of the best 63 designers to follow on Twitter.

Looking Back on 10 Years of Social Media

The article throws light upon the past decade of social media websites development and lets the reader understand some future tendencies and probable essential shifts in the field.

Web Technologies Podcasts Making You Catch Every Word

Theme podcasts are not only the mean of self expression, but also a valuable source of information. The blog post offers you a collection of web technologies podcasts presenting the material in easy and entertaining way.

Searching for Design Inspiration on Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Boards can be rather useful if you search for new design ideas and tools for their implementation. Here you will find some content rich Pinterest Boards full of various visual content helpful for your future projects.

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