Series of Unusual Wine Label Designs.

Series of Unusual Wine Label Designs

When it comes to a good wine packaging design, guess no one would argue the fact that a label for the bottle holds equal importance to the wine inside. Actually, that is a top priority to design a label that tells a particular story, perfectly represents the winery brand and the target it is for. […]

Daniel Mackie’s Art: Paintings That Will Change Your Attitude to Animals.

Daniel Mackie’s Art: Paintings That Will Change Your Attitude to Animals

The article reviews the paintings made by Daniel Mackie.


Celestial Web Design – the Examples of Modern Internet Symbolism

The article represents the best celestial web designs for inspiration.


50 Colorful Website Designs in Rainbow Spectrum

Here you will find the showcase of 50 expertly developed website templates with punchy colorful layouts dyed in rainbow hallway. All these dazzling web designs vividly demonstrate the intense beauty of multi-colored spectrum with shinning and transparent graphics. Some of them may have bright funky color splashes popping on the black background; others are tailored […]


Oldschool Tattoos: History, Examples, Symbolism, New Ways of Usage

Oldschool tattoo, its history and symbolism. The article contains live examples of modern oldschool tattoos and shows the uncommon non-tattoo of using oldschool style.

Successful Instagram Accounts

The Surprising Secrets Behind Popular Brands with Successful Instagram Accounts

Instagram, which currently has one billion users, is one of the most popular platforms for marketers to share their content and reach large audiences.

Marketing Wisdom in 50 Quotes.

Marketing Wisdom in 50 Quotes

Someone defines marketing as art of selling, others suppose it to be the simple professional activity concentrated on the communication of a product and a customer, the third point of view states marketing is a link between consumers’ requirements and their economic potential. As for me, all these definitions do not embrace the whole picture […]

Get Rid of Your Obese Paper Business Card

Business cards are a necessity these days. Their designs play a very important role in deciding the fate of the name scribbled on the card. Check out an impressive selection of transparent business cards.

Amazing Character Designs.

3D Art by Carlos Ortega Elizalde. Amazing Character Designs

As Carlos Ortega Elizalde says, 3D is his full time hobby and it is quite true, ‘cause only the artist who is ardently enthusiastic about the art can create such cool works. According to his words, he draws inspiration from several things: nature, music, science, friends and, of course, everyday life that is always full […]

3rock Corporate Brochure.

Corporate Branding: How to Add Value to a Brand

The blog post covers the mater of corporate branding importance. Would like to know how to add value to your brand? Read this brief entry from cover to cover.