Online Tools that Will Help You Save on Logo Design.

16+ Online Tools that Will Help You Save on Logo Design

Logo design is expensive; professional logo design is very expensive. If you need to create a website on a tight budget, or you just need a temporary logo for your company or blog, it is reasonable to try yourself in the role of a logo designer instead of spending hundreds of dollars on your brand […]

Mudcube Color Sphere

How to Choose the Best Color Scheme?

It’s difficult to overestimate the significance of colors in web design. This blog post features the best (from the point of its author) and the most handy tools that will help you achieve perfection in your color choice. In fact, these tools are aimed to marry your personal requirements with ideal color schemes.

Free Text Editors for Coders.

Programmer’s Paradise: Free Text Editors for Coders

The blog post contains a round-up of ten best text editors for programmers. Get into the blog post to check out these great tools.

Free Tools for Reaching PDF

5 Free Tools for Reaching PDF Guru Level

The article provides with the examples of the 5 best PDF tools that can be used for totally free.

3 Free Design Software Alternatives for Beginners

The price of software alone is enough to deter you from pursuing a career in the digital media field, with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop running as high as 700$ each. But fear not, there are powerful alternatives to get you up and running, and they’re all free. GIMP Let’s face it; Photoshop isn’t the easiest […]

Fun and Unusual CAPTCHAs – Join Our “Bots Don’t Catch Jokes” Movement

The blog post will tell you more about CAPTCHAs: their definition, application, selecting guides, etc. The entry contains examples of fun and unusual CAPTCHAs as well as useful tools, widgets and plugins to protect your website from spam.

Ready for Presentation? Check 10 HTML-Based Slidedeck Toolkits

The article represents a list of 10 HTML-based slide deck toolkits.

10 Code Editors for Windows and Mac: Free, Diverse, Handy

The article represents the 10 best code editors for Windows and Mac OS.

Freelancer? 10 to PDF Converters to Ease Your Life

The article represents a digest of 10 to PDF converters.

IMcreator Website Building Tool – a Competitor of Web Designers #1

The article reviews a tool for website building called IMcreator.

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