schedule html template

Schedule HTML Template – Create Best Calendar Website

In most cases, when people are looking for an HTML schedule template, they can get more than just the ability to mark the dates of concerts, important meetings, and activities. Any site needs a beautiful design for all sections, convenient navigation, a clear information search, a drop-down menu, and much more. Therefore, web developers comprehensively […]

marketing campaign ideas for small business

Marketing Campaign Ideas For Small Business

The launch of any startup involves financial investments. However, often the budget is low if you haven’t received grants or investments from partners. How to create an online company and promote it in such a situation? This article will look at options for free or low-cost ways to start an online company or any other […]


DesignFloat Recommends Blogger Skins

Among the most popular submissions on DesignFloat we can find the free amazing WP themes, but can we say that WordPress is the most popular blogging software? Well, that depends on the target audience. Say if I were a housewife would I like to go into hosting stuff and domain name registration, spending additional money on […]

Fire Lady Creatives.

Fire Lady Creatives: Graphics, Photo, 3D, Illustration, Art

Dual-Screen Wallpapers to Decorate Your Desktop.

1400+ Dual-Screen Wallpapers to Decorate Your Desktop. Roundup from DesignFloat

Not only video editors, 3D animators, but all people who work in two screens simultaneously will be interested in this post that features inspiring dual-screen wallpapers. It not surprising that dual monitors are in great demand, because the really help to organize the working process and achieve efficient results. And what about decorating your desktops? […]

Jokes About Developers in Their Natural Habitat.

Jokes About Developers in Their Natural Habitat [Gifs]

Web developers jokes, a set of awesome GIF animations.

Series of Unusual Wine Label Designs.

Series of Unusual Wine Label Designs

When it comes to a good wine packaging design, guess no one would argue the fact that a label for the bottle holds equal importance to the wine inside. Actually, that is a top priority to design a label that tells a particular story, perfectly represents the winery brand and the target it is for. […]

Stay Thirsty – Creative Beer Label Designs.

Stay Thirsty – Creative Beer Label Designs

Beer bottles have really unique shape which opens a huge field for various experiments with label design. I’m sure that beer fans value not only perfect tastes but also creativity of their favorite products’ design. Here is our vision of original ideas realized in the following beer label designs. You may have your own opinion […]

Creative Music Posters.

Creative Music Posters. Roundup from DesignFloat

Music can be not only heard, but even seen. The artists can depict melodies in amazing pieces of art that will have an impact on the future listeners. Music Posters turn out to be excellent examples of visual presentation of music. Graphic artists are able to paint the sound and rhythm using their associations and […]

Black and White Art. Celebrity Pencil Drawings.

Black and White Art. Celebrity Pencil Drawings.

If you have ever tried to portrait a person using a simple pencil, you know that this work takes much efforts and patience. Of course, talent stands first on the list. If you don’t possess this gift from God, it is impossible to create the stunning drawings and capture the real sense of things in […]