Free Trippy Wallpapers

Free Trippy Wallpapers with Unearthly Spirit

In this roundup you’ll get acquainted with the trippy style and also have the opportunity to download the best trippy background for your desktop.


Spring Inspired Picks of the Best New Desktop Wallpapers

This roundup presents you best free desktop themes and new high-quality wallpapers in different topics and themes, giving you a great opportunity to choose your favorite ones for the desktop.

Free Spring Wallpapers

Free Spring Wallpapers – Kick Off Winter Stupor!

Feast your eyes with these fresh blooming spring desktop wallpapers, able to drive winter depression away and decorate your work place absolutely free.

Free Christmas wallpapers and movie posters.

Have You Been Good This Year? Then… Unwrap Your Present!

The article is a compilation of nice free Christmas wallpapers and movie posters aimed to spark your creativity and raise the convivial mood before the holy festival, celebrated all over the world from ancient times.

Adorable Free Windows 8 Wallpapers Able to Make your Day

The entry is a collection of scenic Windows 8 wallpapers carefully handpicked and able to decorate the desktop of your computer and raise your mood.

Retina Wallpapers You Know Yourself for Which Displays:)

The blog post includes examples of great high-resolution wallpapers that will perfectly fit retina displays of the so-popular MacBooks, iPads and iPhones and other devices. Feel free to check them out.

Summer Olympic Games 2012 – Best Collection of Wallpapers

In this roundup you’ll find great collection of wallpapers that are dedicated to London Olympic Games 2012 which you can download for free and set in your desktop background.

Inspirational Mac Wallpapers done with Geektool

Geektool utility has become one of the most popular applications among Mac users. Basically this tool allows you to embed objects and information directly into your desktop. You have the ability to create your own original functional desktop wallpaper with awesome custom functionality. So, here are some really original and creative Geektool Mac wallpapers. These […]