Detailed Infographic of Web Design Trends 2004-2015

Web design industry is like a living being that grows, learns and changes lightning fast. This Infographic gives you all information on Web Design Trends from 2004-2014 and an outlook for 2015. Here you’ll find core features for each time period without long and boring introductions. So let`s take a closer look at how this industry has changed over the years.

 trends in web design

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Significance Of A UX Design For An Application

Would you like to visit a site with which once you have experienced a poor user experience? Of course, no. This clearly shows how imperative it is to implement a UX design that can ensure an absolute mobile user experience.

UX Designs:

The UX design is the primary designing facet that involves graphic design as well as motion design, whose main objective is to deliver highly interactive and user-friendly experience to the viewer. Precisely, it can be said that web designers are the UX designers.

The (UX) User Experience comprises of the attitude, behavior and emotions of an individual while accessing a specific service, system, etc. The UX with which users are having fun and enjoying their convenient access is said be an ideal UX.

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What Skills Do You Need To Build a WordPress Website?

How to set up a WordPress website

Millions of websites are powered by WordPress. That’s roughly 17.6 percent of all websites in the cyberspace today. It is currently the most popular publishing platform in the Internet. Not only is WordPress user-friendly and easily customizable but the icing on top is that it’s completely free. Whether you’re out setting up a simple personal blog or a business blog to show off your portfolio, WordPress is a great place for beginners to start exploring.

Contrary to popular belief, creating a website with WordPress is not as complicated as what many people perceive it to be. Even with no coding skills, you’ll get by just fine. For beginners who want to join in on the fun, WordPress is not a thing to be afraid. When starting out, you’ll only need the most basic of skills.You only need to follow the four steps below to create your first and even succeeding websites with WordPress. Read More

5 Tips to Design Popups Your Customers Will Love

Popups are an incredibly effective way to boost conversion and customer retention on your ecommerce website. According to 30% of the Top 1000 US ecommerce sites use popups – 22% are using entry popups, 14% are using exit popups, and 6% are using both!

If you aren’t using popups on your ecommerce site, you’re missing an opportunity. For ecommerce sites that use popups, designing popups your customers will love can help you increase your conversion rate.

These 5 tips will help you design popups that convert more visitors without annoying repeat buyers and new customers.

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How Design and Colors Affect Your Website Conversions

color scemes

There has been a long-standing debate about whether or not the colors and design elements you use affect your websites conversions. There have been many studies done that have actually proven that there are changes that you can make on your website that will result in an increase in conversions. In fact, design element changes can influence conversions as well as other factors such as website usability, branding, and even search engine ranking. The key to improving all of these factors lies with testing different colors and design elements to see which ones work best with your website and your website’s visitors. Read More

How to Create an E-Commerce Store Using Joomla, 5 Easy Steps

Creation of e-commerce websites have been a new trend and demand for selling every possible goods online. Nevertheless, very few among these have the time and resources to build websites ground-up using the more basic coding techniques. So, people naturally use the third-party plug-ins that hastens the entire coding process. Joomla is one among the most used third-party plug-ins that creates some great websites at the trouble of working less than half the difficulty compared to the standard coding languages.


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How to Design for Specific Audience


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One look at any of these 20 examples of bad design would lead you to believe that good web design isn’t as ubiquitous as it’s meant to be.

With 2014 fast giving way to another year, you’d think that such examples shouldn’t even be present.

But, they do.

Of course, there are beautiful designs out there. And that’s those websites are built for, to exude beauty. If that was the goal, it’s deemed accomplished.

But what if both the good and the bad designs are missing the mark completely? What if, and we pray not, design isn’t even addressing the main problem it needs to solve?
What if design is like makeup? What if design is just cosmetic? What if looks don’t matter? What if your goals were to convert arriving website visitors into long-term customers at maximum?

If there are multiple audience types such as casual visitors, serious customers looking for solutions, and then variations within each audience cluster such as gender, demographics, age, and other factors?

How do you design websites that suit the audience you are looking to target? Again, while every website is built for conversions of one type or the other, how do you gear up for such a challenge?

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Cutting-costs in Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography can be fascinating, and a very expensive affair as well. For enthusiasts, few articles talk about how one can reduce costs when dabbling in an activity as rewarding (and at times, frustrating!) as photographing under water. Most will resources over the web will tell you which camera and housing to choose and stop at that.

A complex yet accessible activity, it can demand a great level of investment. However, if you’re looking at cutting costs and making it a relatively cheater act, here’s how you could go ahead with it:

Underwater Photography

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Make your business cards more interesting

In a world saturated with cheap online business cards, how can you make yours more interesting? Add a touch of colour to the edges. By simply adding a coloured edge to your business card, you can turn the ordinary into something striking and worth holding on to.

There are a lot of online printers that will charge you the earth to add colour edges by bonding a coloured sheet into the middle of two white sheets which are then printed and trimmed to size. This in some cases can cost the high hundreds ££!

Thankfully, with a little imagination and 30 minutes of your time, there is a far cheaper way! Just edge paint them. Edge painting is not only cheap, it also produces a bolder coloured edge!

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Why should web designers opt for Reseller Hosting?

If you run a web design company of your own or you are a freelance web designer with handful of regular customers, chances are you might be aware of what Reseller Hosting is and how it can add to growth of your business.

Reseller Hosting

For those who aren’t well versed with it, what exactly is Reseller Hosting?

In Web Hosting terminologies, Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting service wherein the ‘reseller’ or the account owner breaks up the hosting account into multiple small parts and allocates or ‘sells’ these to his end user customers at a profit. For the end user customers, the reseller acts as a hosting provider as the service including name-servers and control panel can be white labeled and then sold. Read More