Blog Rush Launches

As many of you have probably seen, the much (or so I hear) anticipated Blog Rush has finally launched.

In their words:

“BlogRush is a free service that was created to help bloggers solve their #1 need:
More Readers For Their Blog.

By adding the BlogRush Widget to a blog, a blogger can get instant distribution for their latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs.

BlogRush users earn “syndication credits” (the right to have their blog post titles shown inside a widget on another related blog) based on their own traffic (loads of the widget) as well as the traffic of other users they refer to BlogRush. Users can automatically refer others to BlogRush via special links on the widget, as well as through the promotion of a special referral URL they are given.”

I figured it was worth a shot. I’ll do an update in a few weeks to let everyone know how it does. In the meantime:

Feel Free to Sign UpВ 

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