10 Latest jQuery Responsive Content Sliders

It wasn’t too long ago when linking together web pages was the only way for website designers to build a website. Now, thanks to big time technological advances in the web design and development industry, innovative web design techniques and trends are emerging. Notable among them are jQuery responsive content sliders.

Powered by jQuery, these animations evolved from slideshow technology and provide a compact, yet appealing way to present content in a limited space simply by sliding it across the page. Responsive jQuery sliders have made quite a name for themselves because they revolutionize the look of a website regardless of the viewing device and give designers a creative option for showcasing certain elements.

What’s not to like about responsive jQuery content sliders? They’re an attractive solution for presenting images, videos and content together in one presentation; they adapt to any computer screen or mobile device, making them completely responsive; they allow for lots of configuration options; and they offer different effect modes, like fade, rotate, blinds and stack, just to name a few.

The jQuery content slider is one of the most versatile tools of web designers today, which could explain why it’s the most popular, too. There are many jQuery responsive content sliders available, from the basic to full featured sliders, all designed to make a great looking, user-friendly website.

Although there are many jQuery slider plug-ins available to use for free on the web, not all are up to par. Some have glitches, others are too rigid and some are just not that interesting. But there are numerous others that are creative, full of fantastic features, allow for customized configurations, require little or no coding or image editing, and run error-free. Take a look at this list of the 10 latest jQuery responsive content sliders.

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1. WOW Slider

jQuery Responsive Sliders

It touts beautiful skins and killer effects and WOW Slider delivers with stunning templates and an incredible array of visual effects, 14 to be exact, that range from blast to stack. It’s fully responsive on all browsers and devices. Its unique point-and-click wizard allows custom sliders to be made quickly without the need for image editing or coding. WOW Slider allows web designers to perform a lot of customization, such as adding descriptions, setting the size, speed and delay of the slider, and resizing, rotating, or sorting images.

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2. RSlider

jQuery Responsive Sliders

RSlider features a clean and simple design that brings sophisticated interaction to site content. It’s designed so no programming skills are required for creating an image and content slider. If quick and easy is what you’re looking for in creating a nice-looking slider that supports categories, then RSlider is for you. The full screen responsive jQuery slider automatically adjusts to the width of the browser screen.

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Key Skills to Leverage Your Talent As a Mobile App Developer

According to research by Flurry Analytics, mobile app users have hit 58 million. It is not surprising to know that most of these 58 million users are found in the 8 p.m prime-time slot for TV viewing. The survey further found that the number of mobile app users has exceeded of even that of desktops and laptops. This reminds me of a similar prediction by ComScore that by 2014 mobile will overtake desktop usage by a storm.

Enterprises must think of mobile as a medium to address multiple issues. With strategic investments in the mobile app platform businesses can not only increase their revenue but build a highly sort-after brand image. Whereas, mobile app developers can do much more to take advantage of the booming mobile scenario. Here’s how:

mobile app developer skills leverage


Identify potential idea and concepts for your next app-development project. Use a a holistic approach wherein your users find solutions and quality experiences. Refrain from the one-size-fits-all ideology and customize your app development.


Befriend a pool of talented and reliable developer community. Brainstorm and share your app development ideas. Find out what’s new and what has the potential to be deciphered. Though you may not get too much room for experimentation; practice and showcase your skills regularly with your community, and lastly allow feedbacks and suggestions to grow faster.


If you want to stand out in the crowd, which all of us wish at some point of time in our careers, simply focus on developing mobile apps with the best advanced user experience. Find out who your users are and what they actually want from your app? Consider every element individually and include a flow into what your app development project.

Mobile App Developer Skills Leverage

Image Source: Stock Photo by Shutterstock

Remember the rule of the thumb: Make mistakes but never repeat them
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Email Page Designing: 15 Rules to Follow

The best way to represent a company is to create a high quality Email page design. There are 15 simple rules that can be followed to achieve effective response from your email efforts. Select a suitable image with a supporting content. Page layout needs to follow certain considerations. Your email should be designed in such a manner so that it attracts and directs viewers to your desired page. Presentation of email is important and interactive elements such as video and content boxes will be of great advantage for your email page design.

HTML email designs can be created in a manner that it keeps to a pint of being critical. The main aim should be to attain reader’s engagement. Always remember, website building ideas should be left aside before designing an HTML email. Avoid any kind of clutter such as animation and tables. Keep everything simple, yet vital. Only then your message will hit the right chord.

email page design

Image Source: Stock Photo by Sutterstock

Things to Include

  • 1. Fonts used in websites cannot be used in emails as they do not reach inboxes. Basic fonts such as Verdana, Georgia, Calibri, Arial and some others can be used in HTML texts and fonts.
  • 2. Emails must feature a proper message or a driving story. You must be able to put forward your subject. Email messages become effective only when your content is highlighted. A relevant illustration supporting your content can be included in the email body and header.
  • 3. Important sections of a proper email page are: headline, subject line and body. Send an email that remains in the memory of your targeted audience.
  • 4. Do not let your audience scroll your email text. You must keep your email page width to a standard 650 pixel. Most users around the world tend to read from left to right. Create your email in such a manner so that your content-pull remains strong on the left side.
  • 5. Emails are directed to generate mostly ‘call to action’ from the users’ end. Use snappy lines in order to get positive and fast actions. Adding a touch of immediacy in emails is a creative thing.
  • 6. Engage your user. Emails must be created in such a manner so that web users (who do not like wasting time) are attracted enough to continue reading and taking immediate action on the basis of your email.
  • 7. Identify yourself well in order to look trustworthy. We all know how email users are tired and bored with bulk and promotional mails. Your message must be right and to the exact point that reaches the email audience. You must not look like a suspicious spam mailer or a stranger sending the mail.
  • 8. Keep your email design that fits content in not more than 3 columns. Putting an image on the left will earn you user engagement. Arousing visual interest will further let the email reader continue with the text.
  • 9. Keep your layouts, paragraphs, messages and design elements to a bare minimum. Do not let your email users feel they are waiting for too long to complete the text/message in the email. Clean and simple messages satisfy users and allow them to believe they are not stuck for a longer time. Your goal is to attract attention by keeping everything to the point.
  • 10. Put visual cues, add icons and links in your email content so that users were directed to a recommended page. Let them follow or subscribe your page. Your email must have a suitable content that allows users to continue visiting the web page you want them to visit.
  • 11. Keep your texts prominent and add browser link in your emails so that users can view them on their web browser when email clients take long time to load and open.

email page design

Image Source: Stock Photo by Sutterstock

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Too Much Beauty Will Kill Your Site or What Shouldn’t Be Done in Restaurant Design

With today’s high level of web design and internet technologies development, it’s rather perplexing to find out that many restaurant websites are not as user-friendly as they should be. No, they are not homely as you might think; on the contrary, most of the restaurant sites boast of the expensive luxury design, congested with refined decorative elements, inconceivable visual effects, charming music and so on. Restaurant owners bend over to make their business a decent web presentation. And this definitely makes sense, as the competition between restaurants exists either in physical or virtual worlds, and customer’s choice is often based on the online research.

Let’s try to view the issue from the point of average restauran-goer, deciding where to drop in for a snack. What do visitors want to see on restaurant website? Is posh layout really that important?

restaurant design tips

Actually, customers’ requirements are rather modest. Browsing restaurant sites, they are more likely to choose the one, providing comprehensive information about its schedule, contact phones, accurate address, menu, prices and spirit. Sometimes even a web page containing all essential data is enough to attract the customer. Besides, due to the present general obsession with portable handheld devices, all unnecessary ‘sugariness’, slowing down the process, becomes a real challenge for viewers and even prevents the website from performing its initial functions.

Taking into consideration everything mentioned above, let’s form some main thesis, stating what should be avoided in awesome restaurant design.
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Ready for Presentation? Check 10 HTML-Based Slidedeck Toolkits

The age of high technologies makes it easy to combine different forms of information expression. It creates new forms, which in their turn are again combined in new forms. The process is interesting, however the result of such transformations is more interesting.

Today I’d like to talk about such a form of info as a slidedeck. It’s simply series of some illustrations often with some text are shown one by one. The format is quite suitable in some cases, for example if you need to do a presentation.

Well, one more excellent feature of modern epoch is that everything is unified and gets tools for creating forms with less efforts. In particular, the programmers grant us with tools for managing slidedeck. So what we are waiting for? Let me present 10 slidedeck toolkits based on HTML.

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HTML-Based Slide Deck Toolkits

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7 Usability Tips to Keep Your Blog Pleasant for Reading

Blogs became a unique way of sharing information. Comparing with real life mass media they are faster, more accessible, and they are less censored. Due to quick development of mobile internet it’s possible to reach a blog from anywhere using handheld devices.

The other side of benefit is that authors have a rather easy way to find the readers. Sure, it takes little efforts to launch a website using some blog platform and begin to post. However, it’s just a tip of the iceberg: internet is big, the competition is high, so you’ll need to do extra things to win more people for your audience. No doubts, content is the king. But the big importance of how the info is presented is undeniable, because it creates a path leading content to a reader.

That’s why I’m eager to note 7 tips on blog usability which would help increase the rating of your resource among the web users.

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Simple Way to Get Law Site Online. Free Website Template

It’s time to show off your business online, and we’re glad to assist you in this task. What are we going to offer you? The off-the-peg theme for the law company made by skillful designers. Please welcome – Free Website Template for Law Business. The contemporary template is perfect for lawyer, attorney websites and any other that deal with the law sphere.

Grey-and-black design speaks for the solidity of the company, underlining its business ideas. The large slider in the top is good for showing the representatives of the company. All headlines feature the effective typography, focusing the viewers’ attention on the content. Well-organized layout will help arrange all the information in easy-to-perceive manner. All the additional information you can wisely present on the subpages. Free template live demo can show you how the future site will look like.

Free Website Template for Law Business:

To download the whole package of this template, visit the Free Website Template for Law Business download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Feel free to use this template for your business, but you cannot resell it as a template.

Download Free Website Template for Law Business with PSD files (18,3MB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:TemplateMonster does not provide support services on free templates – including this one. We only provide support for the products that are being purchased from TemplateMonster. Our free templates are produced according to the latest web standards and we’ve been trying to make the process of working with them as easy as possible, so for people with minimum web development experience it should be easy to work with them. However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend you to refer to the tutorials or community forums on how to work with platforms that each respective template is made with, or to hire someone to do the job for you.

10 Code Editors for Windows and Mac: Free, Diverse, Handy

If you’re a skillful programmer, most probably you’re eager to achieve better results. And the thing is not only in knowledge you adopt, but also in instruments you use in your activity. Talking about the basic principle of coding, I’d like to mention about the certain utilities, which are very needful for work with a creation and editing of the code. Some of these programs are very simple and give just option for coding, debugging and testing in couple languages, the other offers a wide functionality and support of many programming languages. It’s obvious that the narrower sphere the utility covers, the more specific it is.

That’s why I gathered 10 code editors for Windows and Mac. They are different, so everybody would find exactly what’s needed. All the utilities are completely free for using.

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Code Editors for Windows and Mac

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(Windows | Mac OS)

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Freelancer? 10 to PDF Converters to Ease Your Life

Freelance job has prоs and it has cons. The main advantage is that you are a boss for yourself and your work is entirely on your responsibility. The other point is that your professional activity completely depends on quality of skills you are able to offer. The only reasonable minus consists in instability. Everyone can decide for himself what way of doing job to choose.

However it’s not all about disadvantages of freelance comparing with 9 to 5 job: once you’ve stepped on a freelancer path, you will face with a necessity of dealing with all the paperwork. But don’t worry – the problem can be easily resolved with different utilities. And the choice is wide, indeed.

Today I’d like to present 10 tools, which converts to PDF format. Anyway, in most cases the converting option is just a part of a wide functionality of PDF management utilities. I hope, these tools would make your freelance activity more comfortable and less problematic.

* * *

Nitro Reader

* * *

Foxit Reader

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Speaking Heads in Website Design

Have you ever seen anything more interesting than a human face? Loving mother’s face is the first thing we see coming to this world and since then, we learn to understand its language and emotional nuance even without comprehending the words. Eventually, as we grow up, these initial skills become so natural and developed that we are able to read the familiar faces of friends and relatives like open books.

Faces are unique instruments for expressing emotions whether the process is conscious or unconscious. According to scientific research, our brain vividly responds to faces, especially the optimistic, smiling, attractive ones.

Perhaps, this is the reason why large scale portrait images are frequently used in web design. Of course, the trick doesn’t work well for all sites, nevertheless, personal pages, galleries, portfolios and various agencies only benefit from such corporal approach. It seems as if the website acquires its own unique face, helping to convey author’s ideas and emotions, raise visitor’s confidence and create friendly, welcoming atmosphere. By posting big team or individual portraits on your website, you show the customers that you have nothing to hide, which is rather important especially when you offer paid products or services. Indeed, introductory text, no matter how beautifully it is written and styled, gives users quite fuzzy impression about people they want to hire. Just agree that visual presentation provides much more information and sometimes even plays the decisive role in further business relations between parties from the opposite sides of the screen.

Designers incorporate big face images into home pages to draw users’ attention, set general tone of the website layout (playful, serious, trustworthy, trendy, etc), make the design extremely inviting and calling to action. Big face photos are also common on pages introducing the artist or the enthusiastic group, which is very prepossessing and greatly influence visitor’s attitude towards the crew.

It’s difficult to argue the fact that even now, at the age of digital technologies and computer aesthetics, pleasant, cheerful, optimistic human faces look like eye-pleasing relieve among the monotony of sleek uniform designs.

Herein under, we offer you to browse some winning examples of websites exploiting the power of human faces for stirring various moods in users’ minds. What would you feel looking into their eyes? – This is a good chance to experiment whether this technique is the right one for your next project…

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Hot Dot

Big Faces in Website Design

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Edita’s Casting

Big Faces in Website Design

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