10 Ultimate Steps to Consider After Installing WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system, which is very popular these days for developing website without having deep technical skills. This platform provides ease to everyone whether technical knowledge having developer or non-technical. Due to various reason, it has makes strong footprints in the entire marketplace like modules, themes, templates, plug-ins, fully customized features, etc. This CMS is fantastic for creating robust, functional, secure and scalable website. Due to the less development time using WordPress technology for building site, most of the business owners prefer this amazing PHP based platform.

There are millions of users working on WordPress and numerous tutorials are also available over the web to help you get started. But, the noticeable thing is that what happens after installing it? Through this post, we are going to share some essential steps that you should complete after installing WordPress. The completion of all steps/tasks help you make your blog more professional, get more email subscribers, secure and target prospective audience, etc.

Step 1: Modify the Default Admin Account

Firstly, log-in and add a new admin user for personal and secure data. You need to ensure that you are giving the administrator rights to this new admin user for easily log-out and log-in again. Remove the default admin user and never post your content with the same. Always give preference to own created admin name and password in order to publish content and get secure data.

Step 2: Change the Permalinks

Permalinks are linked with search engine optimization and plays a significant role in targeting a wide range of customers. The permalinks ensure that you have good link structure or URL related to keywords similar to the title of blog post. Never use the random post id, which leads poor usability. Hence, modify URL structure related to SEO to get high visually appearance and make a sense to your readers. And, follow these steps to change permalinks:
Go to Settings-> Permalinks -> Common Settings. Select any predefined permalink structure, which suits best to your business.

Step 3: Active Akismet Plugin

Akismet come with the WordPress in the market, which reduces comment and Trackback spams collectively and provide spam-free blog. You need to just activate this plugin and it is installed automatically. It need to just enter in API key to setting up Akismet plugin and it takes hardly one minute.

Step 4: Install WordPress SEO Plugins

When we come to the WordPress site’s or blog’s look, WordPress themes play a significant role in order to make your blog successful over the internet. It is also helped in indexing blogs as well as blog posts in better way with the relevant title and keywords despite of tag lines. Install premium theme to get lots of themes and modify default WordPress theme by own.

Step 5: Setting up a Robot.txt File

Robot.txt is another important aspect, which needs to consider when indexing a site or blog. This small factors have a big impact in terms of SEO for the target-oriented result. Therefore, it is recommended to setting up robot.txt file.

Step 6: Setting up “Pings” or “Update Services”

The very small factor “Update services” comes under the section of setting -> writing to publish a new post on your blog. However, the pinging of site is used to update the post, but excessive pinging can mark to the SPAM. Thus, install “WordPress Ping Optimizer” to prevent from every post from spams.

Step 7: Improve Online Visibility of Site/Blog

Having the blogs updated every day is an imperative process, but it is important to increase the online identity of business. This step is generally leave to complete for tomorrow and we all know that tomorrow never comes. So, well-managed your blogs with updates and improve online visibility over the most search engines.

Step 8: Categories Content

The most efficient feature of WordPress is the capability of content categorization. The default category of this technology is “Uncategorized”. In order to categorize and add some additional categories, change the setting.

In order to categorize pages and tags, use “nofollow” and “noindex” and even prevent search engine to showcase the same page as duplicate.

Step 9: Setting Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps in tracking more traffic and turn them into potential customers. If you do not want to lose any visitor, then give your valuable time to get started with Analytics

Step 10: Building & Submitting Sitemap

The development of sitemap is easy through plugins and it is vital in terms of SEO. You can create it anytime and submit on the blog/site.

I hope, this post will passionate and encourage to follow these essential steps to run your website/ blog smoothly and target prospective customers.

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Author’s Bio:

David Meyer is a professional and experienced website designer of CSSChopper and also has passion of writing blogs. He shares his innovative ideas related to designing site through blogs.

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