10 To-Do Apps for iPhone to Remember Everything

Not to forget! That’s the most important thing in our today’s hurry-scurry life. To remember all the things that are to be done, we should plan everything carefully. How to perform it? Arrange all the key moments in a to-do list, and great iPhone to-do apps will help do it easily. How can they make your life more productive? Using them, you’re able to plan all your business affairs and occasions from everyday life and complete them in time. Starting new lists, sharing them with other people (even without the Internet connection), getting alarm notifications, priority ranking and even the voice capture – this is only a part of the powerful set of their features. Whether you’re a designer/developer, or just an average iPhone user, these apps will come in handy for organizing your life. This post makes an extended addition to the one about 8 Great iPhone To Do Apps. Follow the link to learn more about other to-do apps for iPhone.

Choose the app that fits your way of life, and never forget about anything!



Price: Free

Need a personal assistant to be always in the swim? Then try Astrid. This is an app that reminds you everything you need to remember. It can easily do it with your voice. You can also share your tasks (private or public) over email, Facebook, and Twitter.




Price: $9.99

What’s exciting about this app, is the way you work with all the tasks. You’re able to sort all of them into the needed periods of time, schedule in the desired way, arrange in turn and then move if it is necessary, and update whenever you like.



Any.DO To-Do list

Price: Free

Any.Do will help you arrange all things you need to be done, and remind you to do them. Folders and notes, cloud sync, time reminders, speech recognition, gesture support – here are the main features of this app!



Errands To-Do List

Price: Free

Try the following well-crafted app that is completely free and features the pleasant to eyes design. It’s done with the following cool features: checklists, folders, task images, mail tasks, alarms, scheduling & repeating, automatic updating and a variety of other advanced options!



List Master

Price: $7.99

Here is the must-have tool for crafting a great to-do list. It goes with a desktop version, so you’re able to create whatever kind of lists: simple ones and even micro-databases. Its last update was on Jan 07, 2013.



To Do Checklist

Price: $1.99

That’s the right way of creating a variety of checklists without forgetting any detail. This app keeps all your plans carefully arranged in lists, reminds you with notifications and helps share your lists easily with others even without the Internet connection.



Today To-Do

Price: $3.99

The next app offers you clever task management with a set of robust features aimed at making you organized. It features the user-friendly flexible list structure which offers you to arrange the pending items in the way you like. Each morning you start with an empty list, but you are still able to access those from previous days.




Price: $4.99

If you’re a passionate list-maker, this app is definitely for you. You can get more than 40 fully customizable templates with it. Hundreds of free lists at the List Exchange and much more is waiting for you.




Price: $4.99

The price determines high quality in this case. With this app you get the extra simple way of arranging all the tasks you have. Besides, you can easily push various notifications, move all the tasks around, reschedule them, etc. About the whole set of features you can read on its official page.



Way of Life

Price: Free

That’s exactly what you need to observe all your habits (starting from your work to even the least ones) and see your lifestyle from outside. This rather easy to understand and use app goes with well-done charts, notes, reminders, apps like email, passcode lock, etc.


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