65 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2016

In order to feel confident in the web design world of today, you must embrace all the current techniques, and stick to them whenever possible.

Today we are pleased to introduce you to our comprehensive guide to the most significant web design trends of 2016. The article is divided into 8 large parts:


In this part of the post the key web design trends related to page layouts are presented. You will learn:

–          How flat design will be used in 2016;

–          How to implement vintage elements properly;

–          What typography techniques will be popular;

–          What Pinterest-inspired trend is expected to blossom in the next several years;

–          And more…


This part of the article is dedicated to all kinds of images and other media content that can be used in web design. It answers such questions:

–          Why background videos are highly beneficial for business websites;

–          Why you should be careful when choosing stock photography, and how to replace it with something more genuine and engaging;

–          Why .SVG format is the future of web graphics;

–          Etc…


Animated images are the golden mean between heavy static images and full-size videos, as they weigh less than the latter, yet are dynamic and engaging. In this section you will read about:

–          Animated stories, and how your brand can benefit from them;

–          How cinemagraphs will turn your concept of animated gifs upside down (with cool examples);

–          Why you should consider implementing dynamic micro-interactions into your website…


Most of the websites use scrolling, one way or another. This section reveals the most prospective techniques that make long scrolling pages more convenient and user-friendly. Here you will learn:

–          Why long scrolling pages are so engaging;

–          What is parallax effect, and how to use it in web design;

–          How to opt out of scrolling without damaging your website’s usability;

–          And other tips;


This part will tell you about the crucial usability trends, and explain:

–          Why you should spend more money on the performance of your website;

–          How full-page input forms contribute towards better usability and higher conversion rates;

–          Why you should never forget about responsiveness and mobile-friendliness of your web pages;

–          What are user interfaces with immediate response;

–          How dynamic product previews will boost your sales;

–          And many more…


The loading process of your website is one of the most important parts of its UX, which can make or break your financial success. This part of the article reveals:

–          How you can use lazy load effect to reduce the loading time of your website;

–          How to speed up your website using the “blur up” method;

–          Why you should use different animated pre-loaders.

Designer’s Toolkit

This section will be particularly useful for UI designers. It answers the following questions:

–          Why SketchApp is a preferable choice when it comes to web design;

–          How to use collaboration tools in order to save time and improve productivity;

–          How package managers can make your workflow more streamlined;

–          Why you should put away your good old prototyping tools, and focus on dynamic interactions instead.


The last part of the article is fully dedicated to coding techniques. Here you will learn:

–          Why you should orient the development on mobile users, and implement touch-enabled interfaces;

–          How you can use CSS3 to make enliven your designs with pure code;

–          Why designers should consider learning programming languages;

–          Where to learn how to code for free.


These and many more up-to-date recommendations are waiting for you in our all-round review. Check it out now!

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