The Importance of Mobile Web Design. Infographic

Learn more about the importance of mobile web design today. All information in one infographic.

5 Tips Every Marketing Adept Should Adopt

Marketing includes plenty of concepts. Wide usage of the internet brought completely new methods and strategies. However, the essence of marketing is still communication between production and customers, and the core remains unchangeable in its natural entity. Therefore it’s not hard to outline few helpful regularities, which would definitely make your marketing better. * * […]

Looking Back on 10 Years of Social Media

The article throws light upon the past decade of social media websites development and lets the reader understand some future tendencies and probable essential shifts in the field.

5 Inspiring Slide Decks for Internet Marketers

Slide decks have evolved over the years to become the perfect tools for brand promotion and information sharing. This article analyzes five inspiring slides and highlights different ingredients that make a successful slide deck.

Marketing Evolution Theory Explained

The blog post is dedicated to the history of marketing theory. Delve into the history of one of the most embracing human activities.

Marketing Wisdom in 50 Quotes

Someone defines marketing as art of selling, others suppose it to be the simple professional activity concentrated on communication of a product and a customer, the third point of view states marketing is a link between consumers’ requirements and their economic potential. As for me, all these definitions do not embrace the whole picture of […]

Web Technologies Podcasts Making You Catch Every Word

Theme podcasts are not only the mean of self expression, but also a valuable source of information. The blog post offers you a collection of web technologies podcasts presenting the material in easy and entertaining way.

Searching for Design Inspiration on Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Boards can be rather useful if you search for new design ideas and tools for their implementation. Here you will find some content rich Pinterest Boards full of various visual content helpful for your future projects.

Monitor the Activity of Your Pinterest Account with Powerful Analytical Tools

Pinterest is one of the best social networking websites, having great number of users and adherents. Here you can “pin” the stuff you like on your “boards” and form communities with other visitors having similar interests for sharing visual content, communication and having fun. It also can become your powerful business tool as well. The […]

How to Build Your Design Brand using Social Media

Being a designer is not just about having the talent, drive and perseverance for success, but also about utilizing the right social media tools to make sure that your designs have the best chance to become known. This article will take a look at the major ways ideas spread through social media, and the tools you should be employing as an artist or a designer to continue down the road of success.