5 Tips to Google+ Local Optimization

Google+ is becoming more and more popular throughout businesses because of how well they can be optimized and attract traffic. This goes for local businesses as well, not just online only companies. By optimizing your G+ profile, you can get more target traffic from local people to increase your visibility and chances at gaining more customers. So to help you, we are going to cover 5 essential tips to make sure you include in your profile.

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Optimize the Title

Optimizing your title is going to be the first and one of the most important aspects of optimizing your profile. This is what search engines will see and weigh the most to index you properly, so if you have your local information in it, they will understand that you will be a better match for people who are searching in your local area. After all, you don’t really want to attract people across country, so make sure that your title expresses what area you are in.

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Meta Description

The next big part of your profile is going to be the description. This is another major area you will need to focus on. You are going to want to use your targeted keywords, your location, as well as any other information that is important to you. This is an area where people will go to get a general idea of what kind of business you are, so don’t waste any space going off topic or saying things that will push them away. Your description area is also weighed by search engines, so don’t underestimate this section.

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Link Your Website

If you own a website, Google+ allows you to link directly to your profile, which means it helps to raise your site’s authority. Most likely, your main goal is to get ranked as high as possible for local keywords, so using links to help you will greatly increase your chances at ranking high.
Depending on what your social media strategies are, you can also use links to help your profile and site to gain authority, so the more links and shares you get, the better optimized you will be.

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Add Geo Information

This is probably a pretty obvious tip, but it gets ignored more often than you would think. Adding your geo location to your profile will dramatically help optimize the profile so that search engines and everyone else will know exactly where to find you. This also helps people get directions to your location because they can easily just click on your mini-map, which then pulls them into a screen that they can get directions.

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Update Your Contact Information

Your contact information is the last major tip that we are going to cover. The obvious part is that with updated contact information, people can easily get in touch with you and get a physical address. The non- obvious part would be that search engines use your contact information in their algorithms, which helps you get noticed by local people.

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Being noticed locally can sometimes be harder than just trying to optimize your profile for everyone, but once you get to know all of the tips and tricks, it gets much easier. So implement these 5 tips and you should see some great results.

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