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Text can be different, but in any case it’s connected with semantic ties between words, sentences and passages. It’s not surprising that the term itself originates in a Latin work “textus”, which means tissue. The letters knit the unique unity, so we get in result the autonomous reality. Earlier people could watch it into literature, but nowadays it’s more apparent in coding. Texts began creating virtual reality of internet, being a base of all the websites.

Like the ancient poetic relics have been transmitted from mouth to mouth, today the good code can be shared on the web. There is a needful process to handle with that. It’s called syntax highlighting. For the first time such thing was processed in 1985, and it was done by IBM for VM operating system. The times have changed and now we have more modern tools to efficiently use the syntax highlighting with. One them is jQuery, a brilliant JavaScript library that have taken an honored place in HTML manipulation long ago. So, I want to offer the list of the most effective code syntax highlight jQuery plugins available on the web.

jQuery Syntax Highlight Plugin

This script provides with a narrow functionality without excessive features. If you need just to highlight HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript syntax, this plugins is totally for you.


The original feature of this plugin consists in its look: the highlighting is multi-colored. Add brightness to your coding routine.


Highlight.js will save your from unnecessary efforts, because its processes highlighting automatically. It easily works with problematic syntax like Markdown. Besides, the plugin library includes a wide variety of languages and themes.


Prism will fulfill requirements of almost all the websites that need to use syntax highlighting due to the wide functionality. It’s worth to mention that the plugin is used in the blog of Brendan Eich, the author of the JavaScript itself.

I understand that most of the listed plugins are equally beautiful, so it will be hard for you to choose the only one to work with. However, I’m on tiptoe with curiosity, which one will be taken and why. Please put your considerations and contemplations in the comments below.

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