Don’t Disturb Yourself with Googling: the Prettiest Free Blurry Background Textures

If you need a neutral, but pretty background for your website, you should pay attention to blurred style. It’s like a monotonic background with a particular color that you can choose according the palette of the website theme, however the image contains elegant blurring effects. This makes background look fancy and adds points to creativeness of the website’s atmosphere.

There are many blurred background available on the web for downloading. You can try to find something good for yourself in these info-jungles. Or you can check my digest of free blurry background textures – I’ve already made all the dirty search work and exposed the most attractive collections. Enjoy.

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100 Free Blurry Textures

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20 Free Hi-Res Backgrounds

* * *

Dribbble Backgrounds

* * *

15 Soft Backgrounds by h3design

* * *

Free Ultimate Blurred Background Pack

* * *

Blurred Backgrounds

* * *

20 Free High Resolution Blurred Backgrounds

* * *

20 Blurred Background Textures

* * *

10 Free Backgrounds

* * *

5 Blurred Backgrounds Vol.1

* * *

Feel free to use any of the listed items for personal and commercial use – all of them are totally free of charge.

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Art Rivera: Deeply interested in everything connected with Internet, I sincerely suppose the web is the only future reality for the humanity through its inevitable involving into every part of human life. I’m not a great fan of cyberpunk concept, but the world is keeping that certain direction of total connectedness. And of course there should be someone, who can write the history, who would describe and analyze and enter in the record all notable changes and tendencies on the web. Hello, it’s me.

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