Free Facebook Covers for Timeline’s Renewal

Today we are presenting you the special offer – 5 Free Facebook Covers for your Facebook brand page in the Timeline. You can easily download this great selection to renew your Facebook page and choose the most suitable cover, depending on your business area. As these free Facebook covers are released for a single use, you have the opportunity to download them only from this post. So take your chance to get these items for free, because cover photo is the main part of Timeline layout and that’s why it is the most captivating element for viewers.

You will find several topics in this collection of Facebook Covers. There are 3 business page covers, 1 entertainment page and 1 restaurant Facebook cover, each aimed to make your page more attractive and catchy. In the download package of these Free Facebook Covers you will find .PSD and .JPG formats of images which you can simply change to your own pictures. The images from the covers in this post differ from those in the archive, they just show the idea of how the cover could introduce your brand page.

So download this archive of 5 Free Facebook Covers and introduce your business page in the best light!

Business Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Restaurant Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Business Company Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Entertainment Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Business Facebook Cover

* * *

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