Tuesday is for Freebies. Enjoy Clean Design for Organic Food Site

To be attractive you don’t need to be fashionista. Sparkling eyes and radiant smile is enough. Web design is another pair of shoes. To be interesting for the viewers, it should be trendy, eye-catching. Design that reflects the modern tendencies is always in focus of attention.

Try this stylish minimal Free HTML5 Theme for Organic Food Site and make it noticeable among a number of others. Fruits, vegetables, farming, gardening, organic food and a number of other agriculture sites can be started on the basis of this theme. Polishing it to the desired look will not take you much efforts..

This content-centric design puts emphasis on visuals presentation of company’s products. jQuery Multi-Item top slider shows items from categories flying with a bouncing animation. It wisely wraps several categories of products, thus giving the layout extra negative space. The second slider (jQuery Carousel) is implemented in the right sidebar for featuring the top products.

A lot of white space and light grey parts of the background create neat look. Legible fonts colored in the same grey color, social icons and back-to-top button look harmonious in this design concept.

Try this theme to create effective first impression, and the number of company’s customers will certainly increase.

see demo | download

Scroll up to the end of the page to see the whole set of theme pages.





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