Infographic: Twitter Bootstrap – A Futuristic Framework for the Dictates of the Present

Mark Otto (@mdo) and Jacob Thornton (@fat) released Twitter Bootstrap to the world in August 2011, since then this powerful framework has been creating waves in the web development arena. With provision for a high level of customization and interactivity in websites, this mobile first framework is smooth, intuitive and quick.

Owing to its ability to create websites and web applications in a quick, easy and efficient manner it has found many takers, from the top 1 million sites around 28,784 sites utilize Twitter Bootstrap. With its numerous tools useful for web related creations this framework’s popularity has been surging ever since its launch. And with users asking for higher levels of interactivity, speed and engagement in websites and web applications Twitter Bootstrap’s usage is bound to grow.

Here are some reasons why this framework is a preferred choice amongst developers:

(1) It offers a huge array of web applications like carousels, accordions and more in its UI library
(2) It provides stylish typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation and a lot more
(3) Unlike other frameworks, it offers all the 3 key aspects of a UI i.e. HTML, CSS and JS, which makes it a complete web development framework in every aspect
(4) It is cross browser and device compatible
(5) It is available on gifthub as an open source
(6) It supports HTML5 and CSS3

Yet not convinced that this neat framework is worth adapting? Reconsider your stand after viewing this infographic – “Twitter Bootstrap – It’s all About Stepping into the Right Boots!” by Webby Monks. This infographic will tell you all about the features, best practices and considerations associated to Twitter Bootstrap.

Author Bio: Jaymin is the director of Email Monks, Webby Monks and Commerce Monks. He loves to contribute on topics like email marketing, internet marketing, web development and e-commerce. He thrives to provide superior customer experiences through his ventures and connect with like-minded individuals from the fast growing digital world.

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