Creative Hang Tags with Exclusively Crafted Styles

Have you ever thought about how a product can show a commitment to quality? Most likely, an elegantly printed hang tag plays an important role in here to make product line look more professional. Apart from pointing out some critical information like product specifics, some care instructions, prices or whatever else, they add to the […]

Mudcube Color Sphere

How to Choose the Best Color Scheme?

It’s difficult to overestimate the significance of colors in web design. This blog post features the best (from the point of its author) and the most handy tools that will help you achieve perfection in your color choice. In fact, these tools are aimed to marry your personal requirements with ideal color schemes.


10 YouTube Cover Designs

The article presents a digest of the best 10 YouTube channel designs.

Food Photography.

Art by Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. Food Photography

Today I want to show you the new way of enjoying nourishment. This way differs from the traditional one when we eat the delicious dishes and it deals with enjoying the original food photography created by a Japanese and Frenchman Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. These talented and creative photographers have decided to create their […]

Text Editors for Joomla

Top 4 Text Editors for Joomla

Supercharge your Joomla website with one of the top 5 text editors. The content edition is a central part of a website, the most popular CMS, WordPress, focuses on editor enhancement in each new version. Joomla has taken another direction, giving free space to extension developers for an editor creation. And this is what happened, […]

Free Text Editors for Coders.

Programmer’s Paradise: Free Text Editors for Coders

The blog post contains a round-up of ten best text editors for programmers. Get into the blog post to check out these great tools.

Church Modules to Install on Drupal Site.

10 Church Modules to Install on Drupal Site

The article represents the best 10 Drupal church modules.

Industrial Design Resources

Top Industrial Design Resources for Your Inspiration

Each designer has a list of several sites that he regularly visits for useful information and inspiration. Whether you are just considering a career as an industrial designer, or work in this field, such sites will help you to keep abreast of the latest events in this sphere. Of course, there are too many Industrial […]


Flickr Inspired Photo Collection

Flickr being one of the best photo sharing social networks continues to deliver us amazing photos. Everyday thousands of web users upload, share and comment millions of photos hosted at this website and we are pretty sure that you can’t find better place to do that. Today we’ve decided to share with you a piece […]

Email Page Designing Rules.

Email Page Designing: 15 Rules to Follow

The blog post contains some essential tips on email page design. A helpful list suggests what to include and what to avoid when you plan an email marketing campaign.