jQuery Accordion Tutorials.

10 jQuery Accordion Tutorials

You all know that it is really a complicated task to organize the content in the eye-catching way when you build a website. The layout of your website should be pleasant to eyes and not overloaded with extra information for your visitors to accept. Accordions can be of a great use when you want to […]

Plumbing Website Templates.

Comparison Review of 5 Plumbing Website Templates

When it comes to plumbing repairs, you can’t do without experienced professionals. How to find such skilled masters in a quick way? The answer is: “On the Internet”. Really, each serious plumbing agency needs and has its own website. If you are an owner of such company, you can create a website easy using finished […]

Email Templates. Roundup from DesignFloat

The value of email templates can’t be overestimated for today’s global marketing. The well-done email campaign is one more opportunity to capture and sustain the attention of the clients. This communication tool helps the company to stay interesting for its clients for a long time and stir up this interest. You can choose the powerful […]


Light Your Fire and Perceive Its Dual Nature in Fire Website Designs

Get to know some curious facts about fire symbolism in different fields of human knowledge and view the collection of hot, fire web designs vividly demonstrating its today’s role.

Latest Tutorials Getting into the Logo Design Process.

10 Latest Tutorials Getting into the Logo Design Process

There are many intricate factors that need to be considered before creating a logo. For those who is brainstorming or thinking about their corporate identity we have gathered few logo design tutorials that will give you the insight of professional logo designing in Photoshop and Illustrator. Brush up your skills, get into the logo design […]

Photoshop Tutorials for Weirdest Photo Manipulations.

Photoshop Tutorials for Weirdest Photo Manipulations

Take your photos and make them look surreal and mysterious – these photo manipulation tutorials will help you οn your way οf becoming a real Photoshop manipulation wizard. You’ll learn the entire workflow on how to create a deceptive illusion and certainly get to know how to use the right tools effects, masks inside Photoshop […]

Daniel Mackie’s Art: Paintings That Will Change Your Attitude to Animals.

Daniel Mackie’s Art: Paintings That Will Change Your Attitude to Animals

The article reviews the paintings made by Daniel Mackie.


Celestial Web Design – the Examples of Modern Internet Symbolism

The article represents the best celestial web designs for inspiration.

Contrast Color Schemes in Website Designs.

The Art of Contrast – Clashing Color Schemes in Website Designs

What catches your eye first when you are opening the website? Of course impressive design in which color contrast plays one of the main parts. Contrast is the secret spice which gives your web project the special touch of uniqueness and individuality. But color contrast is not just the designer tip, it’s also an important […]

Free Coming Soon & Under Construction Design Elements for Your Pages.

Free Coming Soon & Under Construction Design Elements for Your Pages

In this post we offer you to download free coming soon and under construction design elements which will be great solution for creating upcoming page of your website.