Top 6 Jargons That Are Creating A Fizz In Design Industry

Since the recent years, design industry has witnessed an incredible amount of popularity across the globe. Whether you are a designing aspirant or an established professional, there are some peculiar words/phrases that you must be aware of. Being regarded as a living discipline, design evolves and undergoes modifications over time. While some changes are acceptable others simply encounter a downfall. Keeping up to date with all the latest jargons used in the web design world can save you from a lot of headache associated with the technology that’s been used for building innovative designs. With a new collection of words being introduced every week, you need to get hold of their accurate meaning for preventing yourself from falling prey to misconceptions/myths regarding the designs. This is a blog that will make you familiar with some interesting and trending jargons associated with the design sector.

1. Deep Empathy

Deep Empathy is a buzzword that’s related to the idea of keeping the customers engaged by connecting with them at a logical level. The term “deep empathy” refers to the process of appealing to a website visitor/user. To put in simple words, web designing performed with a ‘deep empathy’ approach is engineered to appeal at much more than a plain visual level.

2. Localisation

Well, this is yet another amazing jargon used by everyone who’s associated with the design arena. Localisation refers to the process of adapting a design in order to meet the customized requirements of a specific market. For example, if your website needs to target a particular type of audience, you can simply indulge in re-paginating the content, layout etc. to suit the tastes of the respective users.

3. Authenticity

Being one of the easiest words in my list of jargons, authenticity refers to the idea wherein the design adopts a well-grounded and believable approach to representing a set of ideas, products and/or services. For a design to be authentic, it needs to reflect the values and aesthetics pertaining to the underlying idea.

4. Thought Leader

As one of the ubiquitous phrase used in the design industry, ‘Thought Leader’ is used for explaining the idea that by influencing the ‘correct people’, these thought leaders(target users) would go on to spread the word to their friends and followers. The idea of a ‘thought leader’ stems from the fact that every industry has a specific group of people who’re being regarded as authorities/gurus. By engineering your project towards such leaders, you can easily achieve better results within least amount of time. Thought Leader is a buzzword that’s more often used by clients than the designers.

5. Brand Storytelling

Not being a new concept, brand storytelling is a term that’s been increasingly used for explaining the idea that considering the technological advancements, the best marketing will turn to be unsuccessful if there isn’t an appealing story underpinning the brand that’s selling to the customer. All in all, every web design that’s being built using the brand storytelling approach comes out really well and is quite successful in gathering an incredible web traffic.

6. Design with a big ‘D’

Design with a big ‘D’ is a buzzword that’s been creating waves in the design world. It revolves around the basic idea that design is a multi-faceted discipline with a special emphasis on the concept/idea that underpins the exact purpose of the product/service delivered by the company/organization. ‘Design with a big D’ is about the overall process that focuses on every aspect of the design, rather than just the visual one.

Wrapping Up

Now you’ve them all, the 6 must-know jargons popularly used in the design industry. I’m sure after getting an insight into these words/phrases you’d have got encouraged for diving deep into the ocean of web designing.

Author Bio: Jack Calder is a blogger, bit of a tech freak and a web designer at Markupcloud Ltd – PSD to Drupal Conversion Company. To get in touch with Jack, follow him on Twitter.

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