Don’t Forget about Musical Surround: 7 Websites to Get Free Audio Content

Some web designers are so concentrated on the visual part of their work that they forget about the functionality and navigation – such hyperbolic aestheticism is a well-know detector of amateurs and noobs in this sphere of activity.

But unfortunately, even if designers are skilled and understand the importance of practical convenience, they often forget about the non-graphical ways of influencing a user’s perception. Remember about sound and music: hears play a significant role in interaction with the world around. Anyway, I want not only to remind about this elements, which can be appropriately used in web design, but also share with your some helpful materials you can develop musical component in your projects with. I gathered 7 websites containing bundles of free audio contents: sounds, effects, songs, melodies and so on.

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Free Music Archive

It’s an old and reputable archive for music tracks of various artists and genres. The website is directed by WFMU radio, which has always offered a free access to new music, and overseen by number of other curators influential in music world.

* * *

Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is a wonderful new resource that provides with free music in 10 different genres. Every track is available for downloading in three formats: wav, mp3 and aiff.

* * *

Moby Gratis

The website is created by a popular artist Moby. Here he offers non-commercial tracks intended for using by filmmakers. But who said we can’t use it in web design?

* * *

Freeplay Music

The resource contains mp3 samples and melodies to download. Freeplay Music has a handy navigation system: it allow searching tracks by many styles and feels, which are presented in considerable number.

* * *

Free Loops

The website is specialized in different kind of sound effects and loops. Just easily download what you need from thousands of music files in one click.

* * *


ArtistServer is a huge collection of songs from more than 10000 independent artists. You can find the music need by genres, tags, artists, location and other categories.

* * *


The website represents a 7.5 GB collections of samples, beats, loops, melodies, melodies and other sounds. SampleSwap would be especially useful for people familiar with work in sound editors.

* * *

Before you go, I just want to remember about the extremely negative perception of annoying music playing once a website is opened. Don’t frustrate your visitor, be original in using sounds and you’ll see how your invention forms a new trend.

If you have anything to add, feel free to comment.

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