10 Latest jQuery Responsive Content Sliders

It wasn’t too long ago when linking together web pages was the only way for website designers to build a website. Now, thanks to big time technological advances in the web design and development industry, innovative web design techniques and trends are emerging. Notable among them are jQuery responsive content sliders.

Powered by jQuery, these animations evolved from slideshow technology and provide a compact, yet appealing way to present content in a limited space simply by sliding it across the page. Responsive jQuery sliders have made quite a name for themselves because they revolutionize the look of a website regardless of the viewing device and give designers a creative option for showcasing certain elements.

What’s not to like about responsive jQuery content sliders? They’re an attractive solution for presenting images, videos and content together in one presentation; they adapt to any computer screen or mobile device, making them completely responsive; they allow for lots of configuration options; and they offer different effect modes, like fade, rotate, blinds and stack, just to name a few.

The jQuery content slider is one of the most versatile tools of web designers today, which could explain why it’s the most popular, too. There are many jQuery responsive content sliders available, from the basic to full featured sliders, all designed to make a great looking, user-friendly website.

Although there are many jQuery slider plug-ins available to use for free on the web, not all are up to par. Some have glitches, others are too rigid and some are just not that interesting. But there are numerous others that are creative, full of fantastic features, allow for customized configurations, require little or no coding or image editing, and run error-free. Take a look at this list of the 10 latest jQuery responsive content sliders.

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1. WOW Slider

It touts beautiful skins and killer effects and WOW Slider delivers with stunning templates and an incredible array of visual effects, 14 to be exact, that range from blast to stack. It’s fully responsive on all browsers and devices. Its unique point-and-click wizard allows custom sliders to be made quickly without the need for image editing or coding. WOW Slider allows web designers to perform a lot of customization, such as adding descriptions, setting the size, speed and delay of the slider, and resizing, rotating, or sorting images.

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2. RSlider

RSlider features a clean and simple design that brings sophisticated interaction to site content. It’s designed so no programming skills are required for creating an image and content slider. If quick and easy is what you’re looking for in creating a nice-looking slider that supports categories, then RSlider is for you. The full screen responsive jQuery slider automatically adjusts to the width of the browser screen.

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3. Nivo Slider

Already one of the most popular jQuery responsive sliders, Nivo Slider features the most colorful and stunning templates complemented with 16 innovative transition effects, ranging from folding and fading to sliding and slicing. It’s free to download and simple to use if you have some HTML and JavaScript knowledge. A nice array of styling and setting options allow for easy slider customization. Various WordPress plug-ins are available for additional customization, such as automatic image cropping, manual slider creation and create-your-own template.

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4. iView

With iView, there are multiple ways to display images and content, including as a slider, an image gallery with captions, a presentation, or a banner ad. Each method is responsive and mobile optimized. The responsive layout accommodates HTML elements and any number of slides and captions can be resized and positioned to your preference. The 35 transition effects are customizable, as are the animated captions. A unique feature is the responsive caption, which requires HTML and CSS but is well worth the effort in creating a memorable message. The iView jQuery slider also offers touch navigation for mobile and other touch devices.

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5. UnoSlider

Built specifically for responsive design and mobile devices, UnoSlider is a features-rich advanced image and content slider. The stand-alone jQuery plug-in is easily themeable, but offers 12 pre-built themed templates. Touch enabled, UnoSlider offers per slide options, unlimited transitions and animated layers. It is compatible with HTML content and allows for multiple sliders per page.

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6. FlexSlider

As its name suggests, FlexSlider is extremely flexible with custom navigation options and numerous animations. It is one of the few fully responsive jQuery sliders that is made easy for beginners to use, yet gives experienced web designers more advanced options. FlexSlider supports all browsers, touch swipe and callback API.

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7. SlidesJS

For a clean and simple responsive jQuery slider, the solution is SlidesJS. It is a very minimalist slider with only fade and slide as available effects so as not to overcomplicate the presentation. Knowledge of jQuery, CSS and HTML are needed for creating dynamic responsive animations that adapt to any size screen. Swipe support for touch devices is included.

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8. Wunder Slider

WunderSlider delivers a flexible and responsive layout with a wide range of features. The jQuery image and content slider comes with eight themes that support full screen and embedded modes; 41 transition effects that can be applied either randomly or specific to each slide; 12 overlay meshes with adjustable opacity; and flexible content and captions that can be custom set for each image. The automatic image adjustment feature adjusts images to the display mode while maintaining the aspect ratio of the original image. The responsive embedded and full screen slider also includes a WordPress plug-in. WunderSliders includes many other controls, like flicking and swiping on all devices, touch enabled, configurable effects and transitions that include optional pausing, random image order and auto-adjust features.

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9. Responsive Slides

It may be a small plug-in, but Responsive Slides offers big time capabilities. Powered by jQuery 1.6 and up, it allows web designers and developers to create fully responsive sliders using elements within a container. The concept has been used on numerous large websites, among them Gridset App and Microsoft Build 2012. This responsive slider has only two modes: as a responsive image container with navigation and/or pagination to fade between slides, or automatic fading images. However, its features are many, including multiple slideshow support, captions and HTML-supported elements, the option to wrap images within links and custom pagination markup, just to name a few.

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10. bxSlider

As a fully responsive jQuery content slider, bxSlider, animations can display HTML content, images, videos, or a combination of the three. Basic transitional effects, like fade, vertical and horizontal, are offered. This slider also includes numerous configuration options that range from manual and automatic to multiple and carousel shows. In addition, bxSlider supports responsive video, callback API and advanced touch and swipe.

With jQuery responsive content sliders, website designers have a good selection of options for turning an ordinary site into an interactive, eye-catching presentation. The diverse array of jQuery sliders provides a bounty of style and functionality options that are sure to bring even more creative and novel approaches to website design.

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