Adobe Creative Suite Got Rebranded and Introduced Creative Cloud

Shortly before an annual conference Adobe MAX, Adobe announced rebranding of its application suite Creative Suite. Now, the company’s products are distributed under the brand Creative Cloud. The recall of this service was announced last year at the same time with the Creative Suite CS6. In addition, Adobe has told about some of the new developments in the next generation of its graphics editor, known as Photoshop Creative Cloud.

Filters like Smart Sharpen, got an improved algorithm, plus opportunity to reduce digital noise. Intelligent upsampling option allows to increase size of images in low resolution without significant loss in quality and noise. The set of options Extended Features, previously available only in Photoshop Extended, are now the part of a standard set of Photoshop CC. In addition, tools for creating vector shapes were enhanced, support for Camera Raw 8 was added, for each individual layer comfortable grip shapes and paths in one go are implemented, and have an option to quickly eliminate blurry photos caused by an unsteady hand of the photographer (when shooting). Application of a set of Creative Cloud will be available only through subscription, which costs $ 50 a month.

Previous set of CS 6 will be available for purchase, if there the owner of Adobe product has no wish to pay monthly, Adobe updates will no longer be available for him.

The List of Creative Cloud Apps

Looking at their plan, Adobe made a huge step forward in monetizing it’s applications. Due to the popularity of Creative Suite everyone who uses them with find find the new offer pretty attractive (due to additional features included). As for those guys who decided to stay away from the Creative Cloud probably nothing will change for them. I know dozens of people who are still using Photoshop 8! cause this edition fits them more than all those CS-CS6.

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