Top 8 Android 3.0 Applications

Android 3.0 was released only for some certain tablets (like Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc.) and it means that soon your tablet could be armed with this new OS. We thought that it would be great to make a short list of most wanted Android 3.0 applications. Actually it is interesting to observe how Android developers are trying to win iPad’s performance, design and efficiency. Android 3.0 makes better use of the screen size for tablets by enriching users experience with flexible interface solutions for browsing. Anyways, we think you’ll have a chance to test Android 3.0 with your own hands and so far we are offering you these wonderful Android 3.0 applications.

1. Angry Birds Rio

What happens when everybody’s favorite fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get very angry! Try out the new version of the gaming legend of all times – Angry Birds Rio.

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2. Opera Mini

The main trick behind the usage of Opera Mini web browser is getting more speed for certain websites. There are no tabs for now but you can share pages with your friends.

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3. Google Earth

Explore our beautiful planet on the fly by using Google Earth application for Android 3.0. You can search places you are interested in just by using your voice.

* * *

4. Pulse

This incredible application will be useful for all Android fans who love to be in touch with the latest online news. You can read all your favorite social networks feeds, news websites and other useful resources in this single application.

* * *

5. Google Maps

I guess it is needless to say how useful this application is because we know value of this software. This is the latest version of this software for Android 3.0 with enhanced navigation system.

* * *

6. Adobe® Connect™ Mobile

This free mobile application allows you to attend Adobe Connect meeting anytime you want with the help of your tablet.

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7. Kindle

Read Kindle books on your tablet with the help of this great application. It has very simple and easy-to-use interface which will conquer the hearts of Android fans.

* * *

8. Springpad

Springpad is our last application for today. This little helper is aimed to simplify your life by saving your time with the help of notes. It makes it easy to save notes, products and places you want to remember.

* * *

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