Barcode Architecture: Amazing Stripy Buildings

It is clearly seen that barcode themes have gained great popularity in the contemporary art and design. We have already presented you the posts dedicated to barcode art: barcode graffiti, street art, bar code artworks from various artists. Today we continue this series and here is the next post that features the barcode theme in architecture. Amazing buildings from all over the world are created using the barcode lines in the designing of the front. Among them you can find not only the typical black and white barcode color palette, but a number of other buildings painted in all the colors of the rainbow. Metal, glass and even digital surfaces make these buildings noticeable and interesting for the tourists from all around the world. Now it’s time for you to admire these cool examples of barcode architecture.


Bar Code Building, St. Petersburg, Russia


Digital Beijing Building


Barcode Building, France, Paris, La Defense


The Urban Barcode by Maix Mayer, Damian Hadley and Tribe Studios


Oferta Edificio


Reiss HQ, London


Shopping Centre Co-authorship with Architect Milka Zrnic


Barcode Building by Jan Timm


Barcode Building in Sydney


Apartment Block in Saint George’s Island, Castlefield


Barcode House


The Filthy Tower

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  • Adnanaquil1
    July 27, 2011

    the architecture is really amazing…lot different the modern contemporary buildings…i wonder if its practical??

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