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The previous year was marked with the release of iPad and it surely became the gadget of the year. This cool new tablet has gained wide popularity and today we are waiting for the launch of its second version. What is waiting for us? Of course, it will feature the improved design, more power, updated iOS plus one more present that will become a real surprise for all of us. While we are waiting for iPad 2, let’s recollect once more everything we know about iPad and refresh all the useful information about it. Everything you may want to know about iPad you can find in the following roundup from DesignFloat.


Top 10 Apple iPad Apps to Watch


Apple iPad 2 Review – First Look, Design & Features


The 50 Best iPad Apps


The 5 Best Apple iPad Apps


The 20 Best Apple iPad Games


Top 10 Best Free iPad Apps


55 Beautiful Apple iPad Wallpapers


200+ Best Apple iPad HD Wallpapers

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