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Beer bottles have really unique shape which opens a huge field for various experiments with label design. I’m sure that beer fans value not only perfect tastes but also creativity of their favorite products’ design. Here is our vision of original ideas realized in the following beer label designs. You may have your own opinion concerning our topic and we would love to check your options of creative beer labels. So, here comes a Monday beer inspiration from Design Float Blog – please welcome and don’t forget to taste at least one of these tasty drinks.



Left Hand Path

Left Hand Path.

Brandsummit 7th beer

Brandsummit 7th beer.

SHO Brewery


L’isle D’or Beer Label

L'isle D'or Beer Label.

Dead Guy Ale – Rogue Beer Label

Dead Guy Ale - Rogue Beer Label.

BEER – Cans Packaging Design

BEER - Cans Packaging Design.

Roca – Craft Brewery

Roca - Craft Brewery - Brand Identity.

Cosmik Debris

Cosmik Debris.

Bottle Logic 3-D Chess IPA

Bottle Logic 3-D Chess IPA.

Saint Stephen Lager Label

Saint Stephen Lager Label.

Heady Hunter Hazy IPA

Heady Hunter Hazy IPA.
28 Dec 2012

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    December 20, 2011

    Nice roundup, Mortimer! I love the last entry, Ale Satan with the pentagram and devil character. Too funny! I like the simplicity of the Tokyo Fro’s design because it could easily be sold as a separate sticker campaign, which the other beers couldn’t pull off. Thanks for pulling these together!

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