The Compilation of Magnificent Long Exposure Photographs

This time we hold another superb photo collection showcasing dazzling long exposures. This is a trendy technique which involves leaving the camera’s shutter open for longer periods of time to allow more light and movement to be captured. In fact, there are many options for a long exposure. Either it is a built-in shutter speeds […]

Latte Art – Charming Coffee Designs. Part II

The devotion to coffee is one of the most pleasant little sins in our life. Through centuries we have carried this passion for the aromatic drink with silky flavor that tickles nerves in the morning and acts as a tonic in the evening. Besides, this drink is ideal for gourmands who know a thing about […]

The Mechanic World of CG Robots

Do you know quite a lot about robots and other mechanic creatures? They are the newest inventions of our time and the interest for them increases swiftly. Of course, I couldn’t ignore this topic and have compiled this post dedicated to CG robots of various kinds. All these illustrations are linked to the original sources […]

Blazing Hot Beauty by Katarina Sokolova-Latans’ka

Today we are going to dive deeply in the fantastic world of digital paintings created by young Ukrainian artist Katarina Sokolova. While browsing her portfolio you will see various wonderful pieces of work in the genre of fashion photography, but still she is widely known as the creator of incredible CG artworks. The prime theme […]

Aerial Photography Showcase Taken to a More Elevated Level

Today we’ll draw interest by providing the aerial photography using splendid oblique angles and stunning overhead views.

The True Beauty of Smoke Photos

The photo is really cool when you can stay all day staring at it and admiring all its details. It can be called stunning when it gives you the desired inspiration and captures your attention for a long time. It should push your creative skills and be a source of great ideas and in this […]

Weekly Roundup: Fantastic Examples of HDR Photography

Today’s roundup focuses on the posts about mind-blowing HDR photography and before we start, let’s find out what it is. Is camera enough to make a memorable shot? Even when your camera is superb and you are a professional photographer, pictures turn out to be dull and inexpressive. Sometimes they only grab certain scenes as […]

Multicolored CG World by Daniela Uhlig.

If you have never seen her artworks, you have missed a lot. But we can help you to fill this gap – welcome this post dedicated to Daniela Uhlig, talented young CG artist from Berlin. The first thing that makes you surprised is the diversity of styles that are displayed in her works. Anime, Gothic, […]

40 Incredible Toy-like Pieces of Tilt-Shift Photography

Check out the range of 40 examples for some pretty cool-looking tilt-shift photos.

Asian Fleur in Magnetic CG Illustrations.

The secret of the Asian beauty is hidden in its unsurpassed fleur that is so special and wonderful. This fleur is its important part that makes it stronger and gives the sharpened form. Beauty without fleur lacks something catchy and it is really hard to replace this fleur with anything else. When they go together, […]