Contrasting Light and Shadow in Awesome Photographs

Do you know that a lighting design could be stunningly applied to photography? While playing with the ways of illuminating, the artist can receive completely unexpected results that will convey an extreme tensity and emotion. A mischievous play of light can create amazing shadows – those surreal images that add a meaningful facet to a […]

Vania Zouravliov and His Amazingly Provocative Illustrations

When you look at the works by Vania Zouravliov, you feel being enthralled by illusions of the wonderful world where beauty is mixed with the ugliness, life with the decay and everything is interpenetrated with the blazing sensuality. His works are vibrant, they communicate the simple elements of life to the viewers in the most […]

Spectacular Collection of SteamPunk Posters

Steampunk is a trend of art where the technology and romance interweave in the harmonious unity and form the spectacular mystic reality. Steampunk aesthetics has gained wide popularity during the recent years and today we can find it in various forms of art. This style features the futuristic technology and the elegant elements from the […]

Top 10 Professional Photography Techniques

With today’s blog entry you’ll be able to experiment beyond the basics for we’re going to bring together top 10 professional photo techniques used by sophisticated masters of image capturing. The following guidelines are intended to help picture-takers immediately enrich their photography store of knowledge and improve the works to create photography websites with stunning […]

Movie Posters – Fascinating Examples and Modern Trends

Being an eternal source of inspiration for years and years, movie posters continue spreading creative ideas nowadays. It is really interesting to observe how artists are mixing major techniques for creating more and more original artworks. Last decade was symbolized by huge influence of digital technologies though it doesn’t mean that modern movie posters have […]

Extreme and Dramatic Motion in Sports Photography

Let’s not pass by the sport theme today and hereby offer the selection of spectacular sport photo images captured in extreme motion. Actually, sport has always been a popular target for professional photographers. In the examples below they managed to catch interesting and live moments from the very best viewpoints, and thus we could now […]

Fabulous Flower Images in Bokeh Photography

Blur or haze (of course, when they are used properly) add the amazing tone to the image. This technique that is applied to the out-of-focus areas of images is widely used in photography and known as bokeh. While creating a bokeh image the lens is defocused slightly and as a result we create the soft […]

Spectacular Robots – The Vision of Future by Franz Steiner

He is a painter, certificated digital artist and the founder of Blutsbrueder Design Studio. Today this company specializes in art and advertizing print productions that feature the awesome 3D elements and incredible visual effects. In this post I want to focus your attention on the personal artworks created by Franz Steiner, namely on the spectacular […]

Roundup of the Best Logo Design Posts from DesignFloat

Well, today’s roundup focuses on logo design posts that were submitted to DesignFloat during the last month. This list is composed of some thematic logo design showcases and Photoshop tutorials that give the detailed instructions on the process of logo creation. All these logo designs are brilliant examples of creative ideas that are brought into […]

The Compilation of Magnificent Long Exposure Photographs

This time we hold another superb photo collection showcasing dazzling long exposures. This is a trendy technique which involves leaving the camera’s shutter open for longer periods of time to allow more light and movement to be captured. In fact, there are many options for a long exposure. Either it is a built-in shutter speeds […]