Coolness of Blue in Web Design.

Coolness of Blue in Web Design – Infographic

Learn the facts you’ve never heard before about the power of blue color in web design! Interactive Infographic.

Reflective Photos of The World Around Us.

Reflective Photos of The World Around Us

The world around us is a huge mirror that reflects itself. Some objects reflect the others and at the same time are reflected somewhere too. Mirrors, glasses, lakes and smooth surfaces reflect everything around them and create stunning visualizations of the trivial things. Actually, the reflected images are the same as the initial objects – […]

Stay Thirsty – Creative Beer Label Designs.

Stay Thirsty – Creative Beer Label Designs

Beer bottles have really unique shape which opens a huge field for various experiments with label design. I’m sure that beer fans value not only perfect tastes but also creativity of their favorite products’ design. Here is our vision of original ideas realized in the following beer label designs. You may have your own opinion […]

Top Fashion Photographers of All Times.

Top Fashion Photographers of All Times

Fashion is the most changeable thing and at the same time it is the most regular. Every year brings us new fashion trends, but every decade brings back the trends of the previous years and makes them popular again. Fashion photography covers the fashion world and all the changes that take place in it. When […]

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. Roundup from DesignFloat

Illustrations, logo designs, typography, character designs, manipulations – all this stuff is included in our today’s roundup that is dedicated to Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. They will show you the step-by-step procedure of creating the images and will give useful tips of how to do it correctly. All the advanced tools and features that are available […]

Magnetizing Watercolor Faces by Marion Bolognesi

I hold with a number of other fans of Marion Bolognesi that this artist is very talented in all the spheres of her creativity. Besides the accessories design she has created the stunning collection of watercolor artworks that has received the interest and admiration from the viewers. While dipping into her works, you feel their […]

Cinemagraph Technique from Jamie Back.

Give This Trick a Place in Your Passion! Cinemagraph Technique from Jamie Back

She covers all things fashion… Her name is Jamie Back and she’s a NYC based photographer. Apart from beautiful vintage-inspired ensembles that one can find on Jamie’s blog, there are also some intricate cinemagraphs that all have a subtle and delicate area of movement. But how is she getting that animated gifs? How is it […]


Photography in Its Purest Form: Abelardo Morell and His Camera Obscura

If you love the idea of projections, in today’s article you get to know how to turn darkened rooms into imaging chambers with curiously fascinating landscapes or cityscapes, and all that turning the entire room into a camera obscura. Abelardo Morell is among the few contemporary masters of the camera obscura photo technique (an ancient […]

Photoshop Tutorials for Weirdest Photo Manipulations.

Photoshop Tutorials for Weirdest Photo Manipulations

Take your photos and make them look surreal and mysterious – these photo manipulation tutorials will help you οn your way οf becoming a real Photoshop manipulation wizard. You’ll learn the entire workflow on how to create a deceptive illusion and certainly get to know how to use the right tools effects, masks inside Photoshop […]

Daniel Mackie’s Art: Paintings That Will Change Your Attitude to Animals.

Daniel Mackie’s Art: Paintings That Will Change Your Attitude to Animals

The article reviews the paintings made by Daniel Mackie.