Wonderful CG Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenixes and Minotaurs from The FairyLand

Let’s bring fantasy to our life and dream a little bit about fantastic creatures like dragons, unicorns, phoenixes and minotaurs from the fairyland. All of them come from myths and legends of many countries and now you can find them in the captivating fantasy books and in the wonderful digital illustrations. While wandering all around […]

Controversial Graffiti Art from Banksy

Photo by PaulGreen * * * Today we will come to know a little bit more about that British urban guerrilla artist known as Banksy. This outstanding individual emerged as a dexterous culture jammer having made a name for himself with ingenious and controversial graffiti art. What’s actually interesting is that this street artist with […]

Japanese Car Designs from the 60′s-70′s – Konichiwa from the Far East!

Automotive designers were always in the forefront of the design community. We can’t stop admiring many creative and breathtaking design solutions that were implemented in many legendary cars. We’ve already published several posts about original car designs from different countries and various epochs. So, you may want to take a look at Top Ten Italian […]

Awesome Typewriter Models – Inspiring Designs

Hey guys! Rigth here is a fresh piece of our “Monday Inspiration” series that we are happy to share with you evey Moday (DUH!) on DesignFloat Blog! For over 200 years typewriters have been the ultimate tool used by journalists, writers and even stenographers. We would like to show you the other side of these […]

Photos of Architecturally Stunning Sporting Venues

Today we have a delight for all sports conscious fans listing the awesome variety of architecturally outstanding structures. In fact, sporting excellence has currently become one of the main priorities while increasing thought is now given to highly engineered structures that have so much more to offer than simply performance. Designers create not just purely […]

Back to the 90’s – Vintage Cell Phone Designs

Cell phones are one of the best inventions of all times and they have really changed the way we communicate pushing this process beyond the limits. Tracing instant evolution of this hi-tech product we can state that it evolves extremely fast changing its technical performance along with the design. And sometimes it is hard to […]

Best Pavilion Designs from Shanghai World Expo 2010

Shanghai World Expo 2010 is a tremendous social event that has gathered over 190 countries and over 50 international organizations. Over 100 pavilions have been created and all of them are real masterpieces. This is an unforgettable mix of cultures, styles and world views. We’ve chosen what we think are the most notable pavilion designs […]

Back to Basics – Good Old Vintage TV Designs

Oh those charming good old days… Those days when TV sets were like space ships in your apartment, because these “gadgets” were nearly the most prominent invention of the 20th century. Of course these are really inspiring examples of industrial design – just take a look at these forms and materials. Wooden panels, domed details […]

R2D2 – the Eternal Source of Design Inspiration

Epic Astromech droid “Artoo” is one of the most famous characters from the world-famous saga “Star Wars”. This robot has become a great source of inspiration for many talented designers and craftsmen. There’s no need to search for the reasons of such popularity because there is only one logic explanation for all this madness – […]

Best Concept Car Designs from the Fabulous 50′s

Oh those were the days! Early stages of Space Age were a great source of inspiration for many artists. The Googie style in architecture and interior designs, and of course the “space culture” in automotive design – that’s only a couple of spheres affected by Space euphoria of that epoch. The concept designs below reflect […]