Who`s there? – Exquisite Door Handles

It is not a secret that true artist sees the world in an absolutely different way. It is a real gift when you can make ordinary thing look like a real work of art. Our today’s post highlights domestic art or simply put – the door handles – that can be easily called masterpieces. These […]

Aircrafts Tuning: Great Examples of Fuselage Paintings

With a wide range of aviation art, today we’ll focus on cool series of aircraft paintings depicting manifold exciting visuals and views on their fuselages. The airlines use such paintings for promotion purposes, with not only making the aircrafts bright and colorful in the sky, but engaging the customers. People get excited to undergo uncommon […]

Fascinating Water Towers from Around the World

When I was a kid I always liked to watch the small lights at the top of the old water tower in our neighborhood. There was something mesmerizing and enigmatic in that tower. And I’m sure that there are many people who still like staring at these miracles of engineering. It is interesting to know […]

Fascinating Soap Designs – Clean and Creative

Industrial design is a great field for creative professionals because you can easily implement original design concepts in various products. Soap is one of the best goods for creative experiments because technically it won’t cost you many efforts and results would be truly fascinating. So you may kill two birds with one stone – implement […]

Elegant Car Backlights

I’ve decided to continue the topic of automotive design elements on the pages of our blog and today you’ll see a compilation of various design solutions for car backlights. Here you’ll find backlights mostly of the vintage cars that present different epochs in automotive design but it is very interesting to observe how they were […]

Turn Your Lights On – Creative Headlight Designs

I’m sure that many of you have seen hundreds of extraterrestrial-style concept cars that amaze our imagination with unbelievable shapes, fancy lines and unusual solutions. Headlights have become one of the most important details that crown the whole design of any concept creations from auto industry design magicians. Most of our examples belong to amazing […]

Best Automotive Designs by Famous Italian Companies

There is no doubt that Italian automotive design companies were and will be in the forefront of auto industry due to the unprecedented experience and the number of successful projects accomplished by these design gurus. Today we’ve decided to make a small showcase of 4 of the most famous Italian design companies. These are Italdesign-Giugiaro […]

Creative Business Card Holders

Monday inspiration is here folks! We are glad to present a fresh piece of the creative industrial design solutions realized in these amazing and stylish business card holders. We believe that unusual and useful ideas can push you forward while creating something new and really inspiring. As always we are glad to hear your opinions […]

Showcase of the World’s Magnificent Train Stations

Train stations as a stronghold of human feelings and emanated lives’ energies have always much to share and tell about. They hold the sum of human joys and tears, heartwarming encounters and sad farewells, eternal coming and goings. Those are the true places where life is the movement full of sweet sorrow and wet smiles. […]

Wonderful CG Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenixes and Minotaurs from The FairyLand

Let’s bring fantasy to our life and dream a little bit about fantastic creatures like dragons, unicorns, phoenixes and minotaurs from the fairyland. All of them come from myths and legends of many countries and now you can find them in the captivating fantasy books and in the wonderful digital illustrations. While wandering all around […]