Cows in Web Design – Websites Saying Moo

The phrase “Purple Cow” is the leading one in our today’s post. And it is not only because we are going to present you the websites with original designs, but because all of them contain the images of a cow. Cows in Web Design – that is the point of our interest today. When we […]

50 HTML5 Websites Showcasing the HTML5 Best Capabilities

We’re witnessing a constant evolution in the use of new technologies and programming languages. And certainly there’re always some web designers who keep careful watch to build their sites using only the latest web development trends. Now you can learn from those greats who implement many powerful elements and attributes of HTML5 markup language and […]

Top 30 Web Design Galleries to Submit Your Website

If you spend as much time as we do surfing the web for web design inspiration to generate ideas and see what is new out there, the following compilation could be of a great help for you as it harbors most valuable design galleries with creative and stimulating layout examples. These galleries are regularly visited […]

Website Usability Tips, Tricks and Mistakes. Roundup from DesignFloat

Being one of the most important aspects of web design, usability turns out to be the hot topic of various posts today. It doesn’t matter with what type of project you are working, you should realize the importance of its usability. It is the key point for those who want to make their customers happy. […]

Facebook Apps, Designs, Strategies. Roundup from DesignFloat

Facebook plays the important role in today’s life of millions of people. This most visited social network has become something like a virtual home for some of its users and it is a clear demonstration of its huge popularity. Of course, it is used not only for personal purposes, but also for business needs. It […]

30 Fresh jQuery Tutorials in the Middle 2011

JQuery as a fast and concise cross-browser JavaScript library is currently used by many big websites around the globe. It is for sure the most popular JavaScript framework ever used by web designers and developers, probably because it needs less coding and creates interesting and beautiful effects. You can implement jQuery quickly and easily and […]

Hosting Tips and Tricks. Roundup from DesignFloat

How can I choose the right hosting? Many of us ask this question and try to find the right answer. The reviews of hosting sites and plans will tell you and bring the main features of the chosen product in the focus of your attention, but it is not all. You have to start with […]

Adobe Flex Tutorials and Resources. Roundup from DesignFloat

To reach success in your work, you have to get the most out of your abilities and learn everything that helps you to improve the working process. Adobe Flex is one of the most efficient solutions that is indispensable for development of cross-platform rich Internet applications that are compatible with all major browsers. Increasing your […]

MooTools Plugins and Tutorials. Roundup from DesignFloat

Hey guys, today we want to offer you to have a look at the best of what MooTools can offer. This compact JavaScript framework can spice up your site by means of bringing the interactivity and effectiveness into its design. In this roundup we have compiled a great collection of the most popular plugins, scripts […]

5 Usefull WordPress Hacks

5 usefull Wordpress hacks that every blogger should know – learn more from our blog’s entry.